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Skis Over Mount Lillian

Rob Mullins gives the  beta on a fun tour near Blewett Pass -- the south summit of Mount Lillian. The slopes aren't steep, but they offer some sweet turns on safe terrain. There's also panoramic views and east-side weather to enjoy. 
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Miller Peak – Awesome or Awful?

On a weekend threatening to deliver woeful conditions, two skiers refuse to give up on winter and go in search of the wonderful. On Miller Peak they find both what is threatened and what they search for. By day's end, they ...
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Newest Recreation Report

The newest Forest Service Recreation Report is out. Here are the most salient parts pertaining to the forests surrounding Leavenworth, Plain, Wenatchee, Entiat and Chelan.
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New Non-Motorized Areas for a New Year?

The Wenatchee Mountains Coalition is working to establish three nearby, non-motorized areas for winter recreation (skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping...). Find out where those areas are, why they're needed, and to help make it happen.

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Shaser Creek - Middle Fork

This trip offers a pleasant ski up logging roads receiving fairly light snowmobile traffic. Above the 4000-foot level, enjoy the subalpine meadows and gentle ridgetops with sublime views of Miller Peak, Navajo Peak, and the Enchantments. 


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Non-Motorized, Winter Recreation Areas

 In winter, the accessible portion of the Wenatchee National Forest allows a disproportionate amount of the Forest to be monopolized by motorized use. The problem has been magnified by powerful, modern machines that can now easily access places where non-motorized recreationists used to find separation because snowmobiles couldn't get there. The Wenatchee Mountains Coalition wants the Forest Service to establish ...