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New Forum Launched

The WenatcheeOutdoors Forum has just launched. Come take a look.  For outdoor types living and playing in Central Washington, we have forums for hikers, climbers, skiers, paddlers, cyclists, fishermen, hunters, and backcountry horsemen. Be part of our outdoor conversations and the local outdoor community.

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    Moving - The Cure All

    Study after study is confirming exercise helps maintain all aspects of health – physical health, mental health, emotional health, maybe even spiritual health. In the short term, adequate exercise (in the form of almost any kind of steady, vigorous movement) maintains and stimulates all aspects of your body from your skeletal system to your muscular, circulatory, respiratory, immune, and digestive system. ...

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    Homestead Trail-Sage Hills

    The new Homestead Trail has been getting rave reviews among those who have hiked and biked it. We've heard from many users who are very excited by this new trail in the Sage Hills. In the comments area of this post, also check out Ray Birks interactive topo map. Click the 3D Flyover -- it's quite amazing.
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    Sports Nutrition Made Simple

    The sports nutrition discussion at Wenatchee High School piqued my curiosity. The possibility of quickly recovering from a demanding day of climbing, a long trail run, or a taxing bike ride had its appeal. If proper nutrion could help your perform better on the day of and help your recover faster the day after, I was all for it. Here's what research unearthed.
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    Hydration 101

    The basics of fluid replacement while exercising. By Maureen Boswell, RD, CD, ACSM H/FI, and Nutritionist for Gold’s Gym.