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Hot Weather, Cool Outings - Escaping the Heat Wave

If you're smart about what you bite off, hot weather is a poor excuse for holing up indoors and estivating the summer away. This article highlights ideas for getting out and getting active during the remainder of our hot weather.  
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Visit to Mordor

I was anticipating our return to Duncan Ridge. My wife and I had backpacked here with our daughters long ago -- before they had the nerve to grow up. Our return to this high ridge would be a stroll through an earlier time. Maybe it would feel like a return to the Shire.
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Xanadu Video - Dog vs Bike

Cody Trudell says when he first learned about Xanadu, one of our famous mountain bike rides, the videos he found were all taken with shaky helmet cams. He wanted to produce something better... and he did. Take a look.
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North Star Bike Loop - The Fury of Fire Ride

Forget a woman scorned. Hell really hath no fury like a forest burning where a century of fire exclusion has created an overload of fuel that is ready to burn at extremely high intensity. Ride this loop near Brewster to get a feel for the fury the Carlton Complex Fire that burned 250,000 acres during the summer of 2014.
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Snowgrass Equinox Tour

Tom Janisch is fishing for a partner to complete the Equinox Ski Tour, a fancy way of saying he's looking for an excuse to skip work. The objective: Snowgrass Mountain, a peak whose very name connotes winter's end and spring's beginning. It's a tour that, indeed, proves to be a healthy and mix of both winter and spring.

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Treaures of Trash

What joy it is for a cheapskate to harvest useful, well-designed treasures from the trash. Here's a great find: The plastic jar used for Kraft Jet-Puff. The jar is worth the purchase alone, but here's a good recipe for the marshmallow cream as well.

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The Pasayten Six Pack

The German was headed into the Pasayten Wilderness for several days of hiking; I was coming out after a blitzkrieg weekend of peak bagging. When he heard I had walked up six peaks over the past two days he cracked an unintended joke, “Making sex ist gute, ya?”

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Swimming the Enchantments

You may have hiked, climbed, or skied the Enchantments. But have you swum them? Mike Rolf's Picture of the Week (diving into Isolation Lake) should inspire more outdoor enthusiasts to use this hot weather to make the plunge.

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Riding a Human ... or Packing a Bike

A huge mountain bike descent sounds appealing ... until you think about getting the bike up to the top of a route that's too tricky to pedal. Then, do you push the dreaded anchor, let the frame crush your shoulders, or give up on such a ride? Here are two much better ways to pack your bike up a path you just can't pedal.
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WenatcheeOutdoors Day - A Dog's View

My name is Moxie. The slave who serves me sometimes calls me 'Pigdog.' That’s a perfect name. It makes him think he is control, and there is no better slave than one who thinks he is in control. Humans are the least enlightened life form on the planet. And yet, ever so rarely, they concoct an enlightened idea... like WenatcheeOutdoors Day.