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Gearing Up for Snowshoeing

On January 10 we ran the first session of our snowshoeing class (sponsored by Wenatchee Parks and Rec Dept and Cascade Subaru). The topic: Hardware, software, and emergency items needed for easy and adventurous snowshoe trips. Read the notes from that class.
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New Forum Launched

The WenatcheeOutdoors Forum has just launched. Come take a look.  For outdoor types living and playing in Central Washington, we have forums for hikers, climbers, skiers, paddlers, cyclists, fishermen, hunters, and backcountry horsemen. Be part of our outdoor conversations and the local outdoor community.

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    Moving - The Cure All

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    Sports Nutrition Made Simple

    The sports nutrition discussion at Wenatchee High School piqued my curiosity. The possibility of quickly recovering from a demanding day of climbing, a long trail run, or a taxing bike ride had its appeal. If proper nutrion could help your perform better on the day of and help your recover faster the day after, I was all for it. Here's what research unearthed.