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Hot Weather, Cool Outings - Escaping the Heat Wave

If you're smart about what you bite off, hot weather is a poor excuse for holing up indoors and estivating the summer away. This article highlights ideas for getting out and getting active during the remainder of our hot weather.  
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Swap Your Gear

The Leavenworth Ski and Gear Swap, benefiting LWSC, will take place on Sunday October 25, 2015. In Wenatchee, the Gear Swap benefiting the Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association takes place on November 6, 2015. Swap your dust collectors for gear you'll use.

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Dog-Friendly Hikes

Mijo, age five, is a well-traveled hiker and this is his list of favorite local trails. Many of these are favorites because he can be off-leash. Of course 'off' leash' is not exactly what it sounds like. Even in off-leash areas, dogs that are not under strict voice control should be leashed. Read more about dog trails and dog etiquette here.

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Wildflower Quiz - Central Washington

Recently a forum visitor who had enjoyed our Bird Quiz asked us to prepare a similar quiz covering the wildflowers. Ask and you shall receive -- here it is. Take this quiz and get ready for the kaleidoscope of color about to inundate the local hills.
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A Call for Input

More than any other local group, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has enhanced regional conservation, preserved land, promoted smart growth, and enhanced our outdoor lifestyle. Now they need input on where to focus their resources. Take their survey.
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Why Snowshoe?

This article discussing "Why snowshoe?" was written a few years ago. Given this winter's low-snow conditions, however, snowshoes are an excellent way to get out and enjoy the mountains in winter.

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Why's Everybody Whining?

Last weekend Stewart Hoover, ThanhVan Tran, Lisa Hansen and I had a great hike/scramble to the summit of Wedge Mountain (the one where the register is.) Then, on Tuesday, ThanVan, Stewart, Jeff Paton and I hiked to the top of Bootjack Mountain. These are really fun hikes this time of year that you can do with MicroSpikes and/or snowshoes.

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Pruning on the Go

We live in an era of shrinking budgets affording trail maintenance on our backcountry trails. We also live in an area where the agencies managing our frontcountry trails lack deep pockets for much trail maintenance. So what’s a dedicated trail user to do in keeping the trails (s)he frequents in good shape?
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Wildflower Photo Tips

Wildflower season is approaching so we thought it appropriate to reprint an article giving some of John Marshall's tips for taking great flower pictures. Many believe sunny days are ideal for photography but, for flower photos, Marshall wants high overcast...and maybe rain. Read about this and other tips.

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Seven of the Top 20 Found Here

Washington Trails Association's (WTA) most recent cover story for the November/December issue of the magazine is WTA's Top 100 - Favorite Trails, Views, Destinations, and Tips. It's an old compilation that allows lots of random tips get thrown to the mix so the story can hit that golden '100' number...