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Best Places to Re-Fuel?

We all love to eat.  And it seems we love to eat even more after spending a long day  hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing. So we're wondering about this: Where do you like to eat after an active day outdoors?

In other word, which eateries are you thinking about as you span the final miles of a trail, make those last ski turns of the day, or complete the final leg of a paddle? And even more specifically, what meal (or drink) are you craving most?

As a 'Comment' below, tell us what activities you do, your favorite eateries, and your favorite fares from those places. If it makes sense, tell us the 'why' of it all, too. Places in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee,Cashmere, Leavenworth, and Chelan are all fair game.


P.S. Here are local eateries of note previously mentioned on the WenatcheeOutdoors Forum.

P.S.S. We'll be asking similar questions in the months ahead to determine what the outdoor crowd thinks are the Best Outdoor places around Central Washington.