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2014 New Year's Day Photo Contest

We announced this over a week ago on our Facebook page but getting a post up on the main website about who won our New Year's Day photo contest fell through the cracks in the brain of our editor. Anyway, the winner is ...

Drumroll please.

As you would expect, we take these events very seriously. Carefully conducted with strict rules to follow, we at WenatcheeOutdoors have traveled to extreme lengths to preserve our integrity. With help from Price Waterhouse to oversee our process, we designed and implemented an elaborate, scientific, and foolproof method of drawing a winner for the WenatcheeOutdoors 2014 New Year's Day Photo Contest. And from the heap of you who participated, the winner is...

Matthew Wisen.  Matt is now the proud possessor and sole carrier of a his-and-her gift set of  1) Men's Bridgedale Ski socks and 2) Women's Trail Diva socks. We've tested many models of Bridgedale socks and each of these are great product. Yeah, socks may not seem all that sexy but ones that keep you from freezing in winter, blistering in summer, and from buying new socks because they never wear out are socks worth having. The value of these two socks (about $36) is also better than a poke in the eyes.

As for everyone else who entered, we applaud you. We know that New Year's Day perhaps was neither sunny nor wintery, but you took the time to get outdoors and be active. And you took time to share your photos so a big THANKS for that.