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Stayman Heights

If you like hiking in shrub-steppe, don’t mind eschewing the luxury of built trails, and enjoy new scenery, "Stayman Heights" may be to your liking. The name is of my own invention, since the slopes of this area are above Stayman Road. Land ownership is a mixture of state land (Entiat State Wildlife Area) and federal land (Wenatchee National Forest).....
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Fall Colors - What Causes Them, Where to Find Them Wenatchee National Forest produced this interesting article on why leaves change color in fall...and why colors are more brilliant some years than others... This post also links to beautiful autumn pictures taken locally.
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Newest Recreation Report

The newest Forest Service Recreation Report is out. Here are the most salient parts pertaining to the forests surrounding Leavenworth, Plain, Wenatchee, Entiat and Chelan.
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Non-Motorized, Winter Recreation Areas

 In winter, the accessible portion of the Wenatchee National Forest allows a disproportionate amount of the Forest to be monopolized by motorized use. The problem has been magnified by powerful, modern machines that can now easily access places where non-motorized recreationists used to find separation because snowmobiles couldn't get there. The Wenatchee Mountains Coalition wants the Forest Service to establish ...

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Fire Season 2009

The Forest Service sent us this news release about the upcoming fire season. We thought the information about the snowpack being normal or above normal in the high Cascades but not in NCW (where it's 20 to 30 percent below normal) was particularly interesting.Regarding the above-normal fire hazard expected for the region...

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Why Are Trees Dying?

The July 2008 issue of Washington Trails, the magazine produced for the membership of the Washington Trails Association (WTA), published an article called Why are Trees Dying by David Williams. The article addresses the problems around Central Washington, Washington State, the Northwest, and BC caused by spruce budworm and mountain pine beetlle.
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Camping & Hiking - Memorial Day Weekend

It’s a big weekend for outdoor play and nearby campgrounds by Lake Wenatchee, the Icicle River, or the Entiat River are easy escapes to scent our clothes with campfire smoke and to do the s’more thing with kids. Before you go, check this info about local campgrounds and trails.

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Fall Colors - What Causes Them
The Wenatchee National Forest produced this informative article on why leaves change color in fall...and why colors are more brilliant some years than others....