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Plain-old Nordic Skiing

There’s nothing ordinary about skiing Plain. For example, the hub of the Nordic action is a hardware store and the community’s economics are rooted in agriculture, ranching, and forestry. That would seem to make the community more of a Carhartts and snowmobiling place. Yet thanks to the seeds planted by one person, Nordic skiing has found a home here.

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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The snow season is short so when opportunity knocks (like it is now), out the snow toys and go.

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NSAW & Avalanches - 2015 Update

Over 600 backcountry skiers and snowboarders recently attended the 9th Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle. A few dozen of us from the Wenatchee Valley attended and one presentation discussing risk analysis and decision making in avalanche terrain was particularly valuable and deserves wide use.

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Jack Creek, Jack Ridge, Trout Lake

Connect these wooded trails near the end of the Icicle Road to complete a 13-mile loop. Or, follow the trail in and out of Trout Lake Trail for a mellower, 11.5-mile hike. These trails are lacking in long views but they are pleasant, forested hikes. You can also access the spectacular high country around Windy Pass via the Trout Lake Trail.

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Ruby Creek Outings – Playing the Bench

The Ruby Creek watershed is a maze of old roads.Most of those roads are now closed and are home to various thickets of second-growth forests. Some of the road, however, provide second-string outings for our local outdoor enthusiasts. What do we mean by this?

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Magnet Ridge to Tronsen Ridge

Although old maps show it, the trail leading up Magnet Ridge near Blewett Pass is a discontinued trail. There’s no trailhead at the base, no signs along its length, and no Forest Service crews maintaining it. Seclusion is one reason to walk this ghost trail, beautiful groves of old ponderosa pines another.

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Poe Mountain and Poets Ridge

Escape. Whether it’s summer heat or summer smoke chocking the lowlands of the Columbia Valley shrub steppe, sometimes you just need a mountain walk – to cool off, to breathe, to push the emotional reset button.  All of this is offered by a walk along Poets Ridge.
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Cooney Lake - Heat Wave Escape

In hot weather the three elements for beating the heat in the outdoors are shade, water, and elevation. Cooney Lake gives you all three. Furthermore, the area is not heavily used and the views from the peak above the lake are hard to beat but easy to reach.

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Beehive Mountain

Calling this knoll in the forests near Beehive Reservoir a mountain is a hyperbolic stretch of imagination. It’s a sparrow calling itself a hawk or a canoe thinking itself a yacht. Still, this little hill yields big views and is a great wildflower walk in spring and hike with children in summer.

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Red Devil Run

The Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs are coming up on May 31. There will be a 10K and and 25K run and the details of the event listed here. Even if you don't want to run this as an event, keep in mind the route on any other day is a good recreational trail run and an excellent mountain bike ride.