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The Colors of Touring

My daughter paints in oils. One of her paintings of a goat’s face looks realistic from a distance but is a swatch book or color when examined closely. “There are so many colors within color,” she has told me. I decide to practice observing like an artist on an early morning ski tour.

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A Walk In The Clouds

This story of a canine friend made on an outing to Twin Peaks was written  late this fall by Glen Carlson. Those of us who have been visiting the area more recently on skis or snowshoes will still find Glen's musings appropriate. We're also likely to meet Luke, the dog featured in this story.

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Foothills Man

I first met him on the north-facing slopes above Number Two Canyon Road. I was snowshoeing uphill through week-old snow—plodding. He was weaving parallel turns around sagebrush—gliding. When he saw me he stopped suddenly and watched. He seemed to be deciding how to how to confront this queer animal contaminating his ski run ...
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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The snow season is short so when opportunity knocks (like it is now), out the snow toys and go.

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Twin Peaks - 11 Must-Do Rides

Twin Peaks (aka Horse Lake Mountain) is the backyard peak of the Lower Wenatchee Valley. The peak feels a world away (rather than a few miles removed) from the Wenatchee Valley. The flowers are beginning to  burn off in the lower hills around town but they are still spectacular up on Twin Peaks.

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Flash Flood

Though often gentle, Nature sometimes wreaks havoc quickly. The residents up Number One Canyon Road in Wenatchee certainly found this to be true the evening of September 5 when thunderstorms unleashed movie-style rain onto the Twin Peaks slopes... 

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Twin Peaks - Winter Options


In winter, the Twin Peaks area is mainly used by a few regulars who walk dogs here or who like to visit all year long. If you come up to ski or snowshoe, you can feel a world away even though you're only a few miles from Wenatchee.
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Twin Peaks Trail Decommisioned?

Peter Bauer reports on a hike up Twin Peaks on October 9 that he was shocked to see the devastation wrought on the Suspended in Paradise Trail. "The entire lower half has been rototilled in a five-foot-wide swath of completely churned-up ground, devoid of vegetation..." Q: Did the Forest Service do this? A: Yes, actually
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Twin Peaks - Macro and Micro

At this time of spring, the views from the top of Twin Peaks are a spectacular display of nature‚Äôs palette - from macro to micro.  Not only are the photography opportunities multi-faceted, but so are the recreational opportunities.  It's a cornucopia of color and fun!
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Twin Peaks Dash

Remember our Battle of the Bikes?  We've cooked up a new "Stupid Fun" event for you.  A winter, round-trip dash up Twin Peaks. Will light Nordic gear, normal cross-country skis, telemark equipment, rando rigs, racing snowshoes, split boards, or running shoes complete the round trip fastest?