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The Colors of Touring

My daughter paints in oils. One of her paintings of a goat’s face looks realistic from a distance but is a swatch book or color when examined closely. “There are so many colors within color,” she has told me. I decide to practice observing like an artist on an early morning ski tour.

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Rock Mountain Ski Tour

This route is a non-nonsense ascent and descent of one of the higher peaks flanking Highway 2. From highway you immediately get down to business and climb over 4,200 vertical feet to the summit. Along with the big climb come big views and the big drop back down. 

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Rainy Pass Skiing (North)

Local backcountry skiers know that the mountains flanking the North Cascades Scenic Highway (Highway 20) near Rainy and Washington passes provide some of the country’s premier ski touring. Now skiers from places as far away as Colorado and New Hampshire are arriving to ski here.

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Reynolds-Rennie Loop: The Wallowas of Chelan County

The Wallowa Mountains tower over the plains of northeastern Oregon. I cut my teeth there as a backcountry skier so they are near and dear to me. When it comes to skiing beautiful Wallowaesque terrain, however, the mountains of the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness are less visited and a whole lot closer...

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Dreams and Dread - The Cannon Mountain Couloir

It’s been on Jamie's hit list for eons. In fact, every time he’s driven the bottom of the Eightmile Road that white gash has been an in-your-face-effrontery that he’s not gotten the job done. Now he’s finally at the other end looking down the Cannon Mountain Couloir and thinking, “Why did I want to do this?”

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Stupor Sunday - Skiing Big Slide

This was run a few years ago but, if you missed it then, enjoy it now. On Super Sunday – the national day of overeating and overspectating -- two locals opt not to be counted among the couch potatoes. They go big on the big day ... and find themselves wishing they'd stuck to the couch. 

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Diamond Head - County Line Approach

Rob Mullins describes the County Line route from the Blewett SnoPark to the top of Diamond Head. For snowshoers and ski tourers, this is the most direct route up the peak. And if you stick to the ridge, this may be the safest  route to the summit.
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Giants of the Cascade Crest

John Muir said, "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." Coron Polley tested that theory by touring from Stevens to Smith Brook.  He was granted a beautiful day in the mountains with views, good skiing, light dry snow and fun people.
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Diamond Head East (aka Windy Knob)

A fun destination near Blewett Pass for intermediate telemark skiers, randonnee skiers, and snowshoers. Different descent options with different exposures provide good skiing throughout many different weather and avalanche cycles. The area is non-motorized.

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Rogers Pass Skiing

Over the last twenty years, Rogers Pass (between Revelstoke and Golden, BC) has emerged as a ski-touring destination of international renown. In the early 1980s, 500 backcountry skiers visited each year. Now 20,000 skiers/year visit. This winter 12 of us from Wenatchee made the pilgrimage.