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The Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek

“We were wanderers from the beginning.” Thus Carl Sagan begins his book Pale Blue Dot. How true for many of my friends and I, thus the lure of long wilderness treks in beautiful high country is hard to resist. Nature wanderers moving to NCW soon hear of the Ptarmigan Traverse......

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Cascades Rock

Blake Herrington has created a book called Cascades Rock which is published and for sale this month. The book covers everything from popular roadside climbs to never-repeated alpine adventures. Blake's hope is to include every good rock-centric long climb in the range, at any grade and of any age. This includes driving, hiking, camping, descent, and gear information for each climb.

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Enchantment Lakes Traverse

If a book titled The 100 Best Hikes in North America were to be written, the Enchantment Lakes Traverse would be the choice put forth to represent Central Washington. The hike is a classic locals should do but, because getting camping permits is a major pain in the Asgard, many will want to do this as a day trip. Here's what you need to know.
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McClellan Peak Climb

Roger Gervin and friends recently climbed McClellan Peak -- one of the peaks rising above the Enchantment Lakes Basin. This is a scrambling peak with some patches of steep snow to ascend, some third-class rock to surmount, and some awesome views to enjoy.

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Swimming the Enchantments

You may have hiked, climbed, or skied the Enchantments. But have you swum them? Mike Rolf's Picture of the Week (diving into Isolation Lake) should inspire more outdoor enthusiasts to use this hot weather to make the plunge.

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Hiking on the Axis - Axis Peak

Roger Gervin has just returned from a climb of Axis Peak above Stuart Lake and reports,"The views from Axis Peak are outstanding... being surrounded by the following... Cannon Mtn, Enchantment Peak, Aasgard Pass, Dragontail Peak, Colchuck Peak, Argonaut Peak, Sherpa Peak, Mt. Stuart, Mountaineer Ridge, Jack Ridge, Eightmile Mtn and Cashmere Mtn... "

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Seven of the Top 20 Found Here

Washington Trails Association's (WTA) most recent cover story for the November/December issue of the magazine is WTA's Top 100 - Favorite Trails, Views, Destinations, and Tips. It's an old compilation that allows lots of random tips get thrown to the mix so the story can hit that golden '100' number...
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Witches Tower

Information about accessing these towers in the upper Enchantments Lakes is listed in this post. We also link to the beta at for climbing details covering some of the different routes on these towers.

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McClellan Peak

McClellan Peak sits in one of the most beautiful areas in all of the Washington Cascades. The Enchantment Lake basin is home to to McClellan Peak and several other peaks...
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Dragontail Northeast Buttress

The Cascade Alpine Guide introduces Dragontail Peak as "The large granite massif of Dragontail is the second highest peak in the Stuart Range. The name is a fanciful description of the miniature 'tails' or rock needles, on the thin crest SW of the summit. Here Tom Janisch gives a brief overview of a fanciful climb up the dragon.