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2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek

The 2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek for the L.W.S.C. was a great success. The L.W.S.C. is pumped with the amount of skiers who showed and they are already looking forward to Moose Dewlap next year! Get the scoop from Mark Milliette the General Manager for L.W.S.C. in this article.

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Mud is Our March Madness

"This time of year I think about our valley in  E.E. Cummings’ terms  as “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” During this in-between season, consider heading to a local riverside park, swimming beach, or boat launch to experience a muddy adventure. You may want to take a child along to make sure to witness first-hand the delight of new discoveries.

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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

An older post, but a good one to share. Let's get back to the basics for those peeps who don't have a lot of familiarity with snow. Learn the details about snow so you don't find yourself swimming in it.

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Fred's Photography Foray

I met Del Young and Tony Case at the Esmeralda Basin trailhead at our agreed 11 am time, despite being slowed by damage to the N. Fork Teanaway Road from recent rain runoff. New snow at higher elevations, and a clearing forecast for Tuesday had Del stoked ...                                ...

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Larches to Lederhosen

Jim Brisbine writes, "For this year's annual Golden Larch Trip, I spent four glorious days backpacking through the Chiwaukum Mountains. The larches were close to their prime color." Brisbine was surprised to encounter so few people along such an easily accessed and beautiful route.

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McClellan Peak Climb

Roger Gervin and friends recently climbed McClellan Peak -- one of the peaks rising above the Enchantment Lakes Basin. This is a scrambling peak with some patches of steep snow to ascend, some third-class rock to surmount, and some awesome views to enjoy.

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Heather Lake Hike

The name is a misnomer -- you won't find any heather growing along the edge of this lake. Nonetheless the hike through old-growth forest leading to this pretty lake tucked into knolls below the Cascade Crest is gorgeous and not to be missed.

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Shady Summer Climbing

June 09, 2015. With an early heat wave baking Central Washington, it was 98 degrees in the sun at Vantage yesterday. Using Charlie Hickenbottom's tips on how to work the shade, however, we climbed all day and hardly needed the chalk. We encountered a few climbers from Ellensburg, but the Seattle masses weren't about to brave all the heat. Luckily they don't know what Charlie does.

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Why's Everybody Whining?

Last weekend Stewart Hoover, ThanhVan Tran, Lisa Hansen and I had a great hike/scramble to the summit of Wedge Mountain (the one where the register is.) Then, on Tuesday, ThanVan, Stewart, Jeff Paton and I hiked to the top of Bootjack Mountain. These are really fun hikes this time of year that you can do with MicroSpikes and/or snowshoes.

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Embracing the Cold- Fall Cycling

Cycling in Central Washington is a wonderful form of transportation and exercise during the warm months, but how do you stay motivated to keep riding during the chilly months? With these tips – many of them gleaned from local experts --you can take advantage of your bike...