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The linear-leaf daisies are out in force. If you were a darkling beetle, a stroll though a cluster of such flowers would look like this. Darkling beetles (big and black) are common on our trails and they point their rear ends at you when feeling threatened (they emit a mist of ill-smelling quinones for protection). They actually have compound eyes, so a traipse through the daisies wouldn't look like this, but why let facts ruin a good premise? 

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2015 Methow Singletrack Solstice Mountain Bike Festival June 26-28

The 2015 Methow Singletrack Solstice will take place in and around Winthrop, Washington on the weekend of June 26,27,28. Participants will experience great riding, socializing, an amazing raffle, and other mountain biking fun. Most importantly though, all proceeds from this event support the Methow Chapter's mission and efforts to improve mountain biking and trails in the Methow Valley. Other than membership dues, this event is the Chapter's ...

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Ride of Silence

The annual Ride of Silence will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, beginning at Pybus Public Market and continuing in a slow procession through the city. A  ceremony at 6:30 p.m. at the south end of Pybus remembers family and friends who have been lost or injured while riding.
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Mission Migrations - Flamingo Days

Pink flamingos were in the air at Mission Ridge. Actually, the birds were on the ground but skiers who bagged one of the plastic, pink-bodied bundles of bounty hidden around the mountain could exchange it for booty. That made the last day of the ski season quite festive. So did the excellent skiing and the post-skiing tailgate parties.

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The Plum Line of Snowgrass

A week ago during a daylong dash up Snowgrass Mountain, we had touched the summit and beat-feet out of there to beat nightfall. When we spied that 3,000-vertical-foot plum dropping from the summit into the South Fork of Chiwaukum Creek we were full of regret. Why, oh why, hadn’t we brought the camping gear so we could ski that beauty?
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Snowgrass Equinox Tour

Tom Janisch is fishing for a partner to complete the Equinox Ski Tour, a fancy way of saying he's looking for an excuse to skip work. The objective: Snowgrass Mountain, a peak whose very name connotes winter's end and spring's beginning. It's a tour that, indeed, proves to be a healthy and mix of both winter and spring.

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Kicking Horse by the Numbers

The low-snow winter of 2015 us frustrated, but the Canadian snowpack is closer to normal. The problem becomes one of deciding where to go -- Apex, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Fernie?? In the end we decide on a place that kicks our butts.
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Bird Quiz – North Central Washington

Peter Bauer is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For many years landscapes held his highest interest but, of late, he’s been focusing on the fast, finicky, fleeting challenge of bird photography. We've put together a bird quiz using about 45 of his images. Test your knowledge and enjoy the beautiful photos.
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Rediscovering the Groomers

Matt Dahlgreen admits to having become a bit of a snob when it comes to skiing groomed runs. Read here for his sad tale of comeupance... and redemption.  (He does want you to know that he appears in none of the photographs.)
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Family Affair on the Moose Dewlap

Laura Valaas writes, "Despite decades of ski racing, the inaugural Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek was to be the first time my two siblings and I all participated in a ski event together." Valaas reports that not only is it fun to ski with (and torment) siblings, but that the cinnamon rolls make this event worth the effort.
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Mule Deer Summit

The Sage Hills are closed from December 1 until April 1 but when the warmer weather and longer days of March arrive, many local residents are anxious to get outdoors and explore the hills. Although visitors to the Sage Hills may not think they're harming the deer, they are. Find out why and why the deer need their space during this time.