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Tiffany Highlands - Epic or Stupid Adventurey?

A fine line separates an epic adventure from complete stupidity, as discovered on a unique alpine mountain bike loop through the Tiffany Highlands, an endeavor barely completed through the power of optimism.

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The resolution to get outdoors more is a worthy goal. This is an older story that we've updated. We've also included tips and added new photos taken in the local foothills over the past week. All of this might help you make similar resolutions of your own.
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Kids Kicking Butt

Check out this climbing video -- it's inspiring for kids and adults alike. ...
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A Walk In The Clouds

This story of a canine friend made on an outing to Twin Peaks was written  late this fall by Glen Carlson. Those of us who have been visiting the area more recently on skis or snowshoes will still find Glen's musings appropriate. We're also likely to meet Luke, the dog featured in this story.

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Foothills Man

I first met him on the north-facing slopes above Number Two Canyon Road. I was snowshoeing uphill through week-old snow—plodding. He was weaving parallel turns around sagebrush—gliding. When he saw me he stopped suddenly and watched. He seemed to be deciding how to how to confront this queer animal contaminating his ski run ...
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New Traditions

Keri Davis discusses a new tradition she has started with her daughter -- hiking to Clara Lake in autumn to see the larches. Keri also tells how slowing down to see the outdoor world through a child's eyes has enriched her own time outside.

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Battle Scars

Sarah Shaffer tells the story of her biggest battle scar and what's been involved in reclaiming her outdoor interests and outdoor abilities. Her new self has lost ground over her old self, but she's learned to be grateful about the strides she's made.

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Lessons of the Nearly Crippled

A sobering tale of stupid fun gone awry. Even though this incident is now ten years behind him, skier Andy Dappen still considers December 7 to be a night of infamy. "My injuries have healed but the incident has curbed my behavior a little," he says. "I may still ooze stupidity but I'm less aggressive in the backcountry -- especially in low-snow conditions."
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Sage Hills Winter Closure

December 1, 2015. The trails throughout the Sage Hills and the Horse Lake area have closed for the winter and will not reopen until April 1, 2016. Local walkers can still use the trails around Saddle Rock, Dry Gulch, and Castle Rock. Read why the trails close each winter.

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Jumpen Rob Rabbit

This video is likely to drop your jaw just a hare as you watch the hareball antics of a hardcore rabbit. Also, follow this video to YouTube and watch some of the other avalanche videos that will follow this one... they will inspire you to learn how to jump like a rabbit.