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Photo of the Number-Two-Canyon night sky by Brendan Morrison. Given the recent heat and the heat yet to come, grab a headlight and enjoy some night hikes (and views like these of the night sky). Also check out the Land Trust's Full Moon Party on August 10.

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Virginia Lilly Hiking Loop

A high, undulating trail with changing views of surrounding hills whose south sides are carpeted by grasses and wildflowers and whose  north sides are heavily wooded with Douglas firs, ponderosas, and Western larches (tamaracks). 

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News from RunWenatchee

RunWenatchee's inaugural Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series concluded June 22 with two runs in Leavenworth. While we have been holding trail runs for a few years now, we learned a bunch with this official series and are eager to incorporate what we picked up into next year's series...

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Getting Stronger, Reduce Injuries

Strength training is an important component of run training. Incorporation of strength work leads to a reduced risk of injury and increased muscular endurance. Strength training does not always need to include weights and can easily be accomplished anywhere. Below are a couple of great 'no equipment required' strength moves...

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Ghost Bears Field Course

It’s an exciting meld of hands-on, pertinent science and getting out there in the GREAT (as the North Cascades are) outdoors! This summer, venture into the wilderness on a backpacking adventure in search of the grizzly bear, the “Ghost Bear” on the North Cascades. Join Wenatchee River Institute and our team of wildlife biologists for one- or both- of our week-long field courses, July 20-26and August ...

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Black Lake - More Interesting Than it's Name

With such a dull name, you might fear a dull hike. But dull, the Black Lake hike is not. Using this gateway into the Pasayten Wilderness, you’ll ascend smoothly and gradually through the Lake Creek Valley to a deep, mile-long backcountry lake.

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Frisco Mountain Solstice Skiing

They are intrigued about spending the summer solstice skiing Baker but the drive is ugly long, the forecast ugly wet. “What about skiing Frisco Mountain?” I suggest. The drive is beautifully short and the weather beautifully nicer. They agree beautiful beats ugly, and to Frisco we go.
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Fireworks Illegal in National Forests

Fireworks and exploding targets are strictly verbotten in the national forest and can earn you a wallet-exploding fine. If you want to see amazing fireworks, see the slideshow in this post rather than risk setting the forest on fire.
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Methow Singletrack Solstice MTB festival June 20-22

Start your summer with the Methow Chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance on the weekend of June 20-22, 2014 for the Methow Singletrack Solstice mountain bike festival.  There will be great rides (including a couple transportation supported point to point options), socializing, and other mountain bike related fun...
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Isolation Ski Traverse

In early June of 2014, Adam Vognild and Tom Janisch skied the Isolation Traverse south to north. The book Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes says, “This tour connects the Inspiration and Neve Glaciers, visiting very wild and isolated country... it includes great descents when done south to north."

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Ephrata Community Trails

Open shrub-steppe wandering on trails that drain well make this an excellent destination to walk, ride, or run in spring (flowers and greenery), autumn (blonde grasses and golden light), and winter (frosted shrubs). This trail network has a number of easy dirt roads for gaining elevation and single-track trails for descending.