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Where are the Peakbaggers ?

We moved to Wenatchee five years ago from back East after coordinating our vacations every year and loading up the van with bags of outdoor gear and travelling coast to coast predominantly visiting the wild side of America, picking a different region every year, and returning to some.

So a very frequent question we are asked is, "Why did you move all the way out here?". The quick and easy answer is, "Mountains". Above all things it was the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding diversity of terrain. But one thing always puzzled me, and that was the lack or availability of hiking, backpacking, and peakbagging partners, or some sort of organized club or group. I've had to go through forums dominated by Seattlites for the most part in order to find partners for trips both near and far in Washington. I would like to see a mechanism whereby local hikers, backpackers, and peakbaggers can more easily coordinate / network within the existing talent pool, and I'm not talking only about Burch, Mission, Tibbetts, but Silver Star, Black, Shuksan, Clark etc..., I think the addition of a more open and diversified group and/or forum would benefit me :) and others on the site, or who are in and around the community and visit the site.