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We’re Baack … from Disasters and Distractions

It’s been a peculiar and unproductive few weeks. From September 9 and 11 fire was lapping at the doors of the world headquarters of WenatcheeOutdoors located in the foothills of Wenatchee. We were issued a Level 3 notice and were advised to evacuate the area. We didn’t flee but we did pack our computers in a car and, for several days, waited as fire approached to within a third of a mile of us on two different occasions. Had the winds not been calm or had firefighters not been present to corral the approaching flames, world headquarters might have been reduced to toast.

Photo: Fire lapping at our front door.

Immediately after the approaching flames had been contained, we were fighting another fire in the form of a crashed website. We used the opportunity to move the site from an old server that was misbehaving to a new server that should operate faster and with fewer glitches. The glitch here, however, was that it took nearly a week to accomplish what we were told would require a day. The site was down the entire time, but because our web presence has been hosted for free (a kind gesture to support our non-profit efforts), we lacked leverage to speed-up the process.

Finally, right when we should have been back in business, the website’s content editor and all-around grunt (me) was off to Mexico for eight days. In the context of the aforementioned downtime, this was a terrible time to flee. In the context of the $700 non-refundable plane ticket I had purchased to reach southern Mexico where my niece was being married, however, this was the right time to get out of Dodge. Away I went.

Photo: I was in Mexico for a wedding, but you can't take the adventuring out of the adventurer.

All of this explains why the website has been off-line, static, or both for two weeks. Now the nearby fire has been snuffed, the server issue is fixed, and Mexico is a memory, and we’re back to business as usual.

Of course nothing is usual about the outdoors at present because the Wenatchee Valley is still marinating in smoke. In the weeks ahead we will keep you apprised of what’s happening out there in the charred lands surrounding us, where you can get out of the smoke, and where you can stretch the legs without searing the lungs.

Photo: It's yucky out there now, but we'll help you find places that are not yucky.