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Toughest Race on the Planet?

Jen Jerabek (right), an ex-Leavenworthite, taking on the toughest of the tough. 

Primal Quest -- a 10-day endurance race entailing mountaineering, running, cross-country trekking, biking, whitewater kayaking and more--has a bit of hubris in billing itself as the toughest race on the planet. Actually it only connotes this claim by using the somewhat more ambiguous phrase of being the "World's Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition." 

We might actually give that monikor to one of the trans-ocean rowing races like this one across the North Atlantic which can you have teams out for70 days in the middle of the an ocean contending with 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds. But maybe we're comparing apples and oranges, or splitting hairs. The Primal Quest is still a grueling 10-day race that has teams on the go (sometimes for 22 hours a day) as they cover over 500 miles of terrain (much of it trailless or roadless) and gaining over 100,000 vertical feet of elevation.

This year the race was staged in the mountains near Bozeman, Montana and Jen Jerak, formerly who calls herself "an ex-Leavenworthite" was there competing with Team Kagome. This report of gives a good report of what is involved in completing the world's most challenging human endurance competition. Team Kagome didn't make the podium but they finished strong, which is amazing in itself when you're talking about a race that's one of the toughest of the tough.