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Skiing a Double Marathon

Lief Carlsen writes about  his adventures along the groomed snowmobile trails above Lake Chelan and Manson:

"Knowing that the Cooper Mountain Road joins with the Grade Creek Road to make a 46-mile loop back to Antillon Lake near Manson, I momentarily dared to hope that the grooming might grace the loop’s entire length. If so, that loop would be a skate skier’s dream. The Cooper Mountain Road follows the ridge between the Chelan and Methow valleys at an elevation of 5,000 to 6,000 feet, yielding spectacular views on both sides.  To the right, the Methow. To the left, 4,000 feet below Lake Chelan.

As I imagined what it would be like to whisk in perfect solitude on mile after mile of that wild and scenic route, I trembled with anticipation – 46 miles of untrammeled, gorgeous trail through rugged mountains! I further realization that the right guy on the right skis could do that loop in one day...

The double-marathon length and remoteness of this concept added to its lure; I resolved then and there to look into the feasibility of such a trek."

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