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Pyramid Peak Ski Tour

Those who know Dave Jaecks, recognize this retired 69-year-old doctor is a tough geezer. Recently, during a five-day winter camping trip, Dave skied up Pyramid Peak (8,240 feet), Skidgravel Peak (8,300 feet) and several no name bumps near the headwaters of the North Fork of the Entiat River. During this mid-March trip, Dave shared a two-person tent with me that was, literally, no bigger than a refrigerator box. He groused about the cramped quarters, the nighttime temperatures (around 15 degrees F), and my smelly socks, but I was whining a lot louder...we both would have enjoyed a hut.

On the last day of our tour, we skied down the North Fork of the Entiat River, hit the Forest Service roads, and then skied 12 miles of snow-covered roads leading to our parked cars. We had gotten snowmobiles to taxi us up these roads at the start of the trip but, on the return trip Dave, knocked off the distance at a four-mile-per-hour pace. Gravity helped a little, but like I said, this guy is simply a tough geezer.

Click here for a slideshow showing this local nook of the Cascades – it lies east of the crest (fairer weather and drier snow) and provides a beautiful place to ski tour.