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Prepping for Flowers

It will be a month before the flowers peak, but now is the time to prep. It’s time to refresh…to start previewing pictures like flashcards so that when you’re out with friends later, you can look at a bouquet of blooms and say, “I say, take a look at those yellow-bellied lilies sharing nutrients and nitrogen with those phloxy collomias like the soul mates they are most definitely not! How singularly peculiar to see those eager bloomers of March side-by-side with the lazy comers of May.” Naturally you’ll sputter with a British accent that will sound neither feigned nor affected.

A few books to prime the memory include: Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest (by Ronald Taylor and George W. Douglas) for, yes, our local mountain plants, and  Sagebrush Country—A Wildflower Sanctuary (by Ronald Taylor) for, man are you good, the flowers of the shrub steppe.

Another source to help you fully flex your mental might is our own rich resource of research, our smart shrine of study, and our awesomely brainy bible of blooms: Wildflowers for Dummies. Maybe it does only define a dozen of the most  commonly seen flowers in the Wenatchee foothills but in the eyes of the real dummies – that would be those who haven’t read it—our guide transform readers from nincompoops to naturalists in a few short study sessions. That’s one powerful reference. Take a look (and feel free to print it).