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Mt. David Hike

Hikes don’t get a whole lot prettier than this one up Mt. David, located at the end of the White River Road in the Lake Wenatchee environs. It’s a hefty day hike – 16 miles round trip with a vertical mile of elevation gain – making it the kind of ordeal sado-masochists love. Except it’s too pretty to be considered either sadistic or masochistic. Try it, you’ll like it. Do you remember the clinch line to that old ad? If you do, you’re as old as Mt. David itself.

We’ve got awesome pictures in this slideshow of Mt. David.  We’ve also got all the details needed to complete the hike in this guidebook entry of Mt. David. And, of course, you want the topo map of the hike, right? Now get out of here, we’re not supplying you with the gas money.