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Floral Impressionism

Some viewers like their images crisp and sharp. They like to be able to study and exclaim, "Given the 3 pedals, parallel-veined leaves, and six stamens, that bloomer is surely a relative of family liliaceae."

Others take in the aesthetics of flowers more than their science and describe flowers with such precision as, "Those daisy-like yellow ones, or those long, lobe-like blue ones." These folks take in flower more on the emotional level than the intellectual one.

This has been what I've been driving at with some of the flower photgraphs I've taken this past week--pictures that render a mood rather than an identification.

These pictures aren't for everyone, but some viewers will find them fun. All these pictures were taken by using the aperture priority of my camera, a point-and-shoot with some manual overrides. By using the smallest aperture, I obtained the slowest possible shutter speed. Then, by shaking the camera, turning it, or moving it toward the subject, I created the impression of movement and color rather than the facimile of form.

Frankly it was probably too bright when I snapped these images. By shooting closer to dawn and dusk, there would be more time to blur the image and saturate the colors.