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Back-country Patrol, anyone interested?

I've been thinking about organizing (actually helping organize) a back-country patrol serving the Leavenworth area (from Blewett Pass to Lake Wenatchee, eventually) for the past couple years, and I wonder if there is anyone else who has had similar ideas, or would be interested in joining such a group? 



It could be part of the National Ski Patrol, which would help provide support, first aid and avalanche training, at least until the group becomes established, when it could, in turn, offer support to similar groups elsewhere.  I envision a group of snow-shoers, telemarkers, randonee-ers (and any other form of muscle-powered transport that I may have overlooked?)  maintaining and patrolling trails of various difficulties and distances, supervising guided trips (short jaunts to overnight winter camps), providing avalanche and snow safety education to the public, etc... Anything we can do to help visitors and beginners enjoy themselves safely in our neck of the woods, and doing what we love to do most... alright, who am I trying to kid, it's all about the fun and friendship, isn't it?  If I get enough feedback, I would like to meet other like-minded lunatics, and possibly get something started in time for next season.  Thanks   Chuck