Date Title Summary
11/12/13  Smartphone Apps: False Avalanche Protection  Certain smartphone applications claim to do more than they are actually able to do.
11/08/13   Drinking a Pine so Divine Pine Needle Tea holds four times as much Vitamin C as orange juice
11/07/13   GPS Course at Homestead Trail Family fun activity out by Horselake Reserve
11/03/13  Devil's Backbone - When Hell Freezes Over  Devil's Backbone claims to be one of the best mountain bike rides in the state.
10/26/13  Iron Peak & Teanaway Peak  Roger Gervin accounts his trip to Iron Peak through pictures
10/24/13  Chelan Sawtooths - Horsehead & Hoodoo Passes  Guidebook entry for mountain bikers and hikers up by Lake Chelan 
10/23/13  The Minimalist's Guide to Wilderness First-Aid  Take an expert's advice on staying safe in the wild 
10/22/13 Gift Card Hunting Dry Gulch has sucked up a gift card up for grabs
10/17/13  Red-Gold Report 2013  See where the fall colors are shining bright 
10/16/13  Ski Deals for the 2013-2014 Season The local ski areas' pre-season deals  
10/15/13 Worming through Hyperspace John Plotz climbs through a tricky bind
10/14/13  Trial through the Muddy Season  Trick video that will keep you going after trails get wet 
10/10/13  Sellar Bridge Bike Improvements  Changes to the Sellar Bridge affecting pedestrian and biking traffic 
10/08/13  What's New, Saddle Rock?  CDLT is doing work to help preserve Saddle Rock 
10/07/13 Sagebrush of the Foothills (2.0)  This fall bloomer is prominent in the foothills
10/03/13  Brain Buckets - Wear Them  The benefits of wearing a helmet far outweigh the costs 
10/02/13  Learning the Hard Way  A segment of Michael Lanza's story about backpacking Oregon's Eagle Cap
10/01/13  Climbing Northward  James Moore's favorite climbing near Okanogan 
9/30/13  Recreation Report Update  USDA Forest Service bi-weekly report 
9/30/13  Rabbitbrush (2.0)  The yellow shrub is back again 
9/28/13  Logging Freud A Word of Caution for those using the trail 
9/25/13  Take Your Kids Mountain Biking  There is even an official holiday to celebrate the occasion 
9/25/13  Prepping for Ski Season - 2013 Edition Inner Circle Gym owner shares his Ski Conditioning techniques
9/23/13  Hiking and Bird Watching with Kids  Transforming a hike into a nature walk 
9/21/13  Ribbon Mesa Hikes  Charlie Hickenbottom details his favorite Entiat hikes 
9/21/13  The Magic Pill The fountain of youth has been discovered! 
9/20/13  Making Exercise Fun Using the outdoors to improve fitness 
9/14/13  The Bucket List   New Wenatchian Kalie Wertz shares her list of "must-dos" for the area
9/11/13   Reynolds South Peak - At Last  Coron Polley scrambles the south side
9/07/13  Flash Flood  Number One Canyon affected after thunderstorm
9/07/13  Missing Links  Freud Canyon Trail in Leavenworth connects the trail system 
9/05/13   PCT Slideshow Local event telling the story of a couple battling the 2,663 mile beast 
9/04/13  Saying Uncle to Stuartpaloozafest Ken Dailey recounts the events off Mt. Stuart 
9/02/13  11 Rides at Twin Peaks  Showcasing eleven different options to the top 
8/31/13  Climate Change Video Humorous approach to Climate Change 
8/30/13  Tips for Better Mountain Biking  Suggestions for improving your riding technique
8/29/13  Riding a Human...or Packing a Bike  How to carry a bike up the trail
8/26/13  Flashlights, Solar Energy and PUD  Review of the SNAP flashlight 
8/23/13  Osprey Fishing Video  Closer look at the bird spotted near Wenatchee River
8/22/13  Hiking on the Axis Longer trail out to Axis Peak 
8/21/13  Parasol - Rock Climbing  A climb out of Tumwater Canyon 
8/17/13  Whiskered Wisdom  A furry lessons can be learned from those on all fours
8/16/13  Xanadu A ride for the skilled. 
8/12/13  Mad Dog Climb to McKenzie Saddle  Brutal road ride around the Mad River
8/11/13  Twin Lakes  Guidebook entry with twice the activities 
8/10/13  Statewide Trails Caucus  Trail advocates and management will meet this September.
8/08/13  Pay to Play  The lowdown on the Recreation Passes necessary for outdoor adventures
8/06/13  Through the Camera of Mike Bendtsen  Profile of a man and his camera 
8/05/13   Minotaur Lake Explore the lake behind the myth
7/26/13  Fourth of July Creek Taking Icicle Ridge to Fourth of July Creek 
7/22/13  Pruning on the Go  How can you help with trail maintenance?
7/16/13  Luci in the Sky Product review of a neat little solar-powered lantern 
7/08/13  Mike Endsley  Profile of a Wenatchee Local 
7/03/13   Skiing Chelan Ridge Complete guidebook entry of Chelan Ridge
7/02/13  Shady Summer Climbing  Keep cool in some hot climbing places
6/28/13  Quest to become a Slacker  Molly Steere explains slacklining
6/25/13  Clash of the Wenatchee Titans Shelly Forester takes a shot at whitewater rafting
6/24/13  Devil's Gulch Trails Hike or ride in Devil's Gulch 
6/24/13 Mission Ridge Trail Guidebook entry for Mission Ridge Trails
6/20/13 Running the Lower Methow River Guidebook entry for Lower Methow whitewater
6/7/13 Bug Be Gone Tips for repelling mosquitoes
6/1/13  Climbing Rattlesnake Rock  Guidebook entry for climbing Rattlesnake Rock
5/30/13 Bike Commuting 101 Tips for learning to bike commute
5/27/13 River Birds Quiz Photo guide to local river birds
5/25/13 Mountain Biking- Repair Kit and Essentials What to bring biking, and how to use it
5/22/13 Snake Myths Amiss The skinny on bull and rattlesnakes
5/20/13 Good Fire, Bad Fire Are wildfires good or bad?
5/14/13 National Bike to Work Day 2013 Why bike?
5/13/13 Voyager's De-Light Gear review of the Black Diamond Voyager lantern
5/10/13 Reynolds-Rennie Loop: The Wallowas of Chelan County Reflections from skiing the Chelan Sawtooths
5/8/13 Map and Compass 101 Navigation class notes
4/30/13 Prime Rib of Goat Guidebook entry for climbing Goat Wall
4/19/13 Bird Photo Quiz Trailside bird slideshow quiz
4/16/13 Crying Wolf The straight scoop on wolves in Wenatchee
4/11/13 A Sawtooth Traverse Ski report from the Sawtooth Wilderness
4/9/13 A New Quiet on the Western Front Idaho ruling will limit snowmobiles in National Forests
4/3/13 Rattlesnake Encounters- Central Washington Tips on navigating rattlesnake territory
 4/2/13   April Navigation Course  Announcing the WenOut Navigation Course
4/1/13 Deals and Steals Seasons passes are on sale at Mission Ridge
3/26/13  2013 Wildflower Report Flower sightings around the region. 
3/23/13 Slippery Slope? Get a Grip Steve Godfrey's love affair with Microspikes
3/20/13 Risks and Rewards- Skiing the Backcountry with Kids Mike Lanza teaches his son Nate to ski
3/15/13  Best of WenatcheeOutdoors Photos   WenatcheeOutdoors "Picture of the Week" slideshow
3/13/13 Trail Do's and Don’ts Tips for proper trail etiquette
3/6/13  Play More- Celebrate WenatcheeOutdoors Day  A new holiday designed just for slackers
3/5/13 Animal Tracks Quiz Slideshow for learning animal tracks
2/24/13   Land Trust Goes Big  CDLT announces $8.1 million Foothills Campaign
2/22/13 How to Use Guide to navigating the website
2/19/13  Fledgling Snowshoers Spread Wings   WenOut Snowshoeing Class members take their own outing
2/13/13 Exped Bivybag Duo Giveaway: Winner Chosen Exped Bivybag Duo giveaway
2/12/13 2013 Outdoor Retailer Show Gear Trends from the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Show
2/11/13 Lessons in the Snow Lessons Shelly Forster learned leading snowshoe trips
2/5/13 A Ski For All Seasons Gear review of the Hagan Chimera ski
2/4/13 Snowshoeing Navigation Notes from winter navigation classes.
1/31/13 10 Tips for Raising Outdoorsy Kids Michael Lanza's tips for teaching kids to love outdoor play
1/30/13 The Hog Loppet- Preparations How to prepare for the Hog Loppet
1/29/13 Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers How to stay safe in avalanche country
1/28/13 The Life in the Rocks Plate tectonics support life's diversity
1/25/13 With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility Thoughts on skiing responsibly in avalanche-prone backcountry
1/24/13 Winter Pre-Trip Planning Notes from WenOut Self-Sufficient Snowshoeing Class
1/19/13  Seeing Burned Trees from Winter Skis   Matt Dahlgreen's winter perspective on trees burned near Tronsen
1/17/13  Fire and Fluff   Winter perspective on Tyee Mountain's fire scars
1/15/13 Hoofing Goat's Beard Report from second complete ascent of Goat's Beard
1/14/13 Teaching Others to Succeed at Skiing Nuggets from Les Eddy's time as a ski instructor
1/11/13 Gearing Up for Snowshoeing Hardware, software, and emergency items for snowshoeing
1/1/13 Sports Nutrition Made Simple Nutrition tips for the New Year
12/29/12 Quick Sticks ABCs of ski waxing
12/27/12 Avalanche Checklist: Good Idea or No? Conversation on creating an avalanche checklist
12/26/12 Echo Ridge Trails  Guidebook entry for skiing Echo Ridge
12/23/12 The Art of the Uptrack Refresher on uptracking
12/18/12 The Big Five (Universal Repair Kit for the Outdoors Five repair items to keep in your pack
12/13/12 Outdoor Gifts for Christmas Outdoor Christmas gift ideas
12/6/12 Campgrounds: State Parks & Forest Service Guidebook entry for regional campgrounds
12/3/12  Backcountry Film Festival   Announcement of upcoming BCFF
11/29/12 One Bird, Two Bird, Red Bird, Blue Bird Announcement of upcoming Christmas Bird Count
11/29/12 Win a Pole for All Seasons Gear review and giveaway of Exped trekking poles
11/14/12 Where Have All the Hikers Gone? How to become an all-season hiker
10/25/12 Fall Photo Quiz Fall photo quiz slideshow
10/23/12 Snow News is Good News Natural history of red snow algae
10/18/12 Fall Photos and the Gospel of Marc Fall photos and tips from Marc Dilley
10/8/12 Fall Colors: What Causes Them, Where to Find Them Wenatchee National Forest article on why leaves change color
10/6/12 Taming Fire with Fire Call for community support of prescribed burning
10/2/12 Red-Gold Report Annual update on where to find superb fall colors
9/28/12  Blythe Lake Hike   Guidebook entry for hiking, trail running Blythe Lake
9/26/12 Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Ramble Guidebook entry for hiking Columbia National Wildlife Refuge
9/25/12  Fern Lake Ride & Hike   Guidebook entry for hiking, biking to Fern Lake
8/25/12 Barefoot Shoes-- Weirder or Better? Kim Anderson discusses barefoot running shoes for trail running
8/13/12 Kiteboarding Lake Chelan Photos of Kim Anderson and others kiteboarding on Lake Chelan
8/11/12 East vs. West-- Who's Greener? Study shows Eastern and Western WA value conservation equally
8/1/12 Time to Train Tara Spenser gives advice on training for climbing & hiking
7/31/12  Once I was Blind…Seeing Nature Through a Child's Eyes  Glen Carlson reflects on Icicle Rivercamping with his grandson 
7/19/12 What's Up with SUP? The scoop on the growing sport of stand-up paddleboarding
7/11/12 Summer Skiing-- The Cost of a Second Day Mike Rolfs reviews lightweight gear for overnight summer ski trips
7/11/12 Sports Drink-- Make Your Own Recipe for a cheap and homemade version of Gatorade
7/10/12 Along a Wild Coast Excerpt from Michael Lanza's novel Before They're Gone
7/6/12  New Forum Launched  Announcement of new WenOut Forum 
7/3/12 Chelan Butte Mountain Biking Trip report from Ray Birks' ride up Chelan Butte
6/21/12 Sagebrush of the Foothills Grace Peven describes natural history of big sagebrush
6/19/12 Skiing Reynolds Peak Trip report from early summer backcountry skiing on Reynolds Peak
6/16/12 Between a Rock and a Long Fall Grace Peven learns to rock climb
6/8/12 River Rat Certification Grace Peven discusses raft guide training
6/7/12 Rattlesnake Encounters- Central Washington Tips for safe travel in rattlesnake country
6/6/12 Washington Pass Ski tours Tom Janisch leads 2 Washington Pass backcountry ski tours
6/1/12 After-Work Play Recommendations for post-work play
5/30/12  Twin Lakes Hike…and the Favor of Spring
 Glen Carlson reminisces on a beautiful spring walk to Twin Lakes
5/23/12 Paddling the Winchester Wasteway Guidebook entry on canoeing the Winchester Wasteway
5/17/12 The Kayak of Good and Evil Kayaking safety, and the woes of losing an old plastic friend
4/28/12 The Loneliness of the Angle Peak Skier Guidebook entry for skiing Angle Peak
4/19/12 Online Magazine Module New guide to other online outdoor magazines & forums
4/13/12 Little Big Men Review of 10 field-tested small gear items that pack a big punch
3/8/12 Beginner's Guide to Trail Running Why and how to begin trail running
3/2/12 Maps Calculating Steepness A topo application that overlays maps to show route steepness
2/29/12 Of Skinning and Skiing How to intelligently and legally ski in avalanche zones
1/27/12 Avalanche Video: Snowmobiler Buried Video of snowmobile-induced avalanche
1/18/12 The Making of a Skier Heather Dappen's pleasantly miserable backcountry ski outing
1/17/12 Book Review: Snow & Spire Review of John Scurlock's photo essay of the North Cascades
1/13/12 Crazy Urban Skiing Urban skiing video
1/5/12 Virtuoso Down Jacket Gear review of Outdoor Research's Virtuoso down jacket
12/31/11 Jetboil and the New Kid Review of Jetboil and Primus Eta Solo stoves
12/29/11 Ski Maintenance 202 Guide to ski maintenance
12/29/11 Sweaty Palms-Mtn Biking Video Extreme mountain biking video from Austria
12/18/11 Tree-Well Video and Safety Video showing importance of ski safety/skiing with partners
12/15/11 Backcountry Navigation Notes from WenOut course on backcountry navigation
12/14/11 Hiking All Year Long Review of winter hiking gear, including Kahtoola MicroSpikes
12/7/11 Backcountry Ski Gear- Mckenny's Picks Adam Mckenny's backcountry skiing gear favorites & advice
11/27/11 Why Snowshoe? Andy Dappen's plug for winter walking
11/23/11 Mission Ridge- Early Season Issues How to respectfully navigate the Mission Ridge boundaries
11/18/11 Avalanche Safety Resources from the recent WenOut avalanche safety course
11/10/11 Backcountry-Skiing Classes Notes from first class in WenOut backcountry ski series
11/8/11 Dynafit Stoke- Ski Review Rob Mullins reviews Dynafit Stoke skis
10/26/11 Lone Fir Spur Becomes a Road A snafu between the PUD and the CDLT
10/19/11 We Must Be a Ski Town PSIA relocated their NW headquarters to Wenatchee
10/18/11 Slideshow-Battle of the Bikes Photo slideshow from Battle of the Bikes
10/13/11 Glacier Peak Traverses- Book Review of photo book on Glacier Peak Traverses
10/12/11 October Thighs Summary of 2nd annual Battle of the Bikes
10/5/11 Cross-Country Snowboarding Hilarious video on XC-snowboarding
9/28/11 Rabbitbrush- A Bush Rabbits Don't Eat Natural history of rabbitbrush
9/7/11 Mad River- Lower River Loop Guidebook entry for mountain biking along Mad River
9/6/11 Recommended Trekking Poles Review of 8 different trekking poles
9/2/11 Trekking Poles- The Why and the How The hows and whys of trekking poles
8/25/11 Enchanting Heather Heather Dappen comes of age hiking through the Enchantments
8/24/11 The Circle of Rainier Bill Wicheta climbs Mt. Rainier with his two grown children
8/23/11 Ski 'Til You Drop Jamie Tackman pursues his quest of skiing 150,000 vertical feet
8/18/11 Drowning on the Wenatchee Information on water safety in wake of recent drowning
8/16/11 Canister Stove Tricks Tips for canister stove cooking
8/15/11 Rainy Pass to Cascade Pass- A High Traverse Guidebook entry for hiking Rainy Pass to Cascade Pass
8/13/11 Spider Meadows Summer Skiing Photo and a ski route for Spider Meadows from Jamie Tackman
8/1/11 Ode to a Helmet Cautionary tale on mountain biking with helmets
7/30/11 The Agony and the Agony- Skiing the Ptarmigan Guidebook entry for hiking and BC skiing Ptarmigan Traverse
7/29/11 Introduction to Road Riding Mary Resk rekindles a childhood love of road biking
6/29/11 Rainier Landslide Two videos of landslides on the Mt. Rainier Nisqually Glacier
6/28/11 Marathon Man Kim Anderson undertakes his first marathon
6/23/11 The 24 Hours of Spokane Ray Birks reports on the Spokane 24-hour Round the Clock Bike Race
6/20/11 Ski Crampons Gear review and information on ski crampons
6/16/11 Fighting Fiascos on the Ten Pass Tour Guidebook entry for BC skiing Scatter Peak Ten Pass Tour
6/9/11 Twisp River Trail Ride Guidebook entry for mountain biking Twisp River trail
6/8/11 Mt. Stuart- Skiing Cascadian Couloir Guidebook entry for BC skiing Cascadian Couloir
6/7/11 Elk Video Video of a young elk playing in a puddle
6/4/11 Skiing Stuart- Ulrich's Couloir Guidebook entry for BC skiing Ulrich's Couloir (Mt. Stuart)
5/26/11 Echo Ridge Guidebook entry for skiing, hiking, trail running Echo Ridge
5/18/11 Wolverines in the Backyard Story on tracking and photographing North Cascades wolverines
5/17/11 Crazy-Good Biking Skills Video from trick mountain bikers Jeff Anderson and Steve Dicken
5/11/11 Backcountry Skiing Tip How to keep snow from accumulating on top of your skis
5/3/11 Skin Care- Cleaning Climbing Skins How to clean backcountry ski skins
4/29/11 Mountain Biking- Repair Kit and Essentials Mountain bike repair tool kit basics
4/20/11 Skiing Silver Star Mountain Report from Tom Janisch and Coron Polley's ski trip to Silver Star
4/19/11 Crazy Robin and the Gun Andy Dappen wages war on a robin next door
4/9/11 Canoeing in Cambodia Robbie Scott & Gordon Congdon's canoe route through Cambodia
4/6/11 Video: Ueli Steck vs. Eiger Video of Ueli Steck setting a new record speed soloing Eiger
3/15/11 Rogers Pass Skiing Guidebook entry for destination ski touring in Rogers Pass, BC
3/12/11 Avalanche- The Wrong Side of Safety Rob Mullins' lessons from skiing Stevens Pass avalanche country
3/9/11 Washington Pass Birthday Tour Report from Cathy Gaylord's Washington Pass BC birthday bonanza
3/7/11 Time to Upgrade? Reasons to upgrade your avalanche transceiver
3/1/11 Owyhee River Float Guidebook entry for guided tour of Owyhee River
2/16/11 To Build a Fire How to build a fire in the snow
2/14/11 Beezley Hills- Monument Hill Guidebook entry for hiking, biking, trail running Beezley Hills
2/5/11 North Cascades Traverses Preview of photo book by Bob Kandiko
2/3/11 Seeing the Light- Outdoor Retailer Show Highlights from the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT
1/21/11 Video: Walking on Water Spoof video on "liquid mountaineering"
1/20/11 The Art of Uptrack How to safely and properly enjoy the art of uptracking
1/15/11 Shovels- Good, Bad, and Ugly Manuel Genswein's review of backcountry shovels
1/4/11 Skiing Chelan Butte Trip report from Coron Polley on BC skiing on Chelan Butte
12/31/10 One Resolution Molly Steere resolves to teach her son to love outdoor recreation
12/27/10 Snowshoeing- Getting Started Washington Trails article on how to begin snowshoeing
12/23/10 Avalanche Probes- The Forgotten Stepchild Advice on adding avalanche probes to your winter gear
12/22/10 The Little Ski That Could Information on skiing and tubing at Echo Valley in Chelan
12/22/10 The Middle-Aged Marathoner Katie Pauly decides to run a marathon at age 49
12/18/10 Outdoor Gifts for Christmas Gift ideas for Christmas
12/16/10 Great Places- Washington Review of local John Kruse's guide to Washington's great places
12/14/10 Strategic Digging- Avalanche Rescue How to dig snow to minimize post-avalanche recovery time
12/9/10 Avalanche ABCs Important basics on avalanche knowledge and safety
12/7/10 Backcountry Skiing- Gearing Up How to choose the proper gear as a beginning backcountry skiier
11/23/10 Trips & Trails 2 Publicity for the new release of Trips & Trails
11/19/10 Photo Tips from John Marshall Shane Wilder's video of John Marshall's best photo tips
11/15/10 Quick Sticks Basics of ski waxing
11/11/10 Beat Diabetes- Get Out Why getting out may help ward off Type 2 Diabetes
11/11/10 Paintball- Outdoor Excitement for Kids Heather Green explains woodsball
11/6/10 Our 'Stupid Fun' Makes Headlines Seattle Times article on Battle of the Bikes and other Stupid Fun
11/6/10 Trail Running: Benefits, Tips, and Why You'll Love it Heather Green's take on trail running
11/3/10 Crow Hill and Graham Mountain Guidebook entry for hiking Crow Hill, Graham Mountain, and Pyramid Peak
10/29/10 Leavenworth Alpinist Dies Leavenworth alpinist Joe Puryear dies in Tibetan mountaineering accident
10/28/10 Skiing La Nina Why La Nina is a boon to winter recreationalists
10/24/10 The Squat 2 Jenny Colella from Crossfit Cashmere demos squat technique
10/20/10 East vs. West- Fall Colors Andy Dappen pits West Coast foliage against the Northeast
10/18/10 Enchantments- Larch Patrol Trip report and photos from Enchantments through-hike
10/15/10 Don't Tell Me What's Best! Fall photos from Marc Dilley
10/15/10 Omni Glove: A Year-Round Favorite Gear review of Omni Glove
10/5/10 Harvest Moon Blues Poem and photos from Bill Dobbins' harvest moon climbing
10/3/10 Battle of the Bikes- Update Slideshows and summary from Battle of the Bikes
9/22/10 Ski Conditioning- 2010 Winter training tips from Inner Circle Gym's Adam Vognild
9/17/10 Crimping the Cramps Andy Dappen's tricks for eliminating cramps
9/16/10 Hunting Seasons-2010 Guide to remaining safe through hunting season
9/14/10 Iron Mountain Options Guidebook to hiking, biking, trail running Iron Mountain
9/11/10 Fern Lake Backpack Guidebook to backpacking Fern Lake
9/5/10 Miller Peak Options Guidebook entry for hiking Miller Peak
8/31/10 Magnet Creek Outings Guidebook entry for hiking, biking, trail running Magnet Creek
8/24/10 The Big Five (Universal Repair Kit for the Outdoors) Backcountry repair kit essentials and how to use them
8/22/10 Chameleon Wall Trip Report Marc Dilley's report on a new climbing route up the Tumwater
8/21/10 Outdoors and Out of Reach Link to NY Times article on benefits of unplugging outdoors
8/20/20 Love of Tarps 2 Andy Dappen's guide to utilizing tarps for camping without a tent
8/6/10 Crack du Jour- Cracking its Code Guidebook entry for climbing Crack du Jour
8/5/10 Basalt Peak Loop Guidebook entry for biking Basalt Peak Loop
8/4/10 Stomping the Poets Guidebook entry for hiking Poet Ridge Circuit
7/28/10 Chelan Mountains Adventure Guidebook entry for multi-day hiking in Chelan Mountains
7/22/10 Living to 100 Newsweeks' recent article on the science of healthy living
7/20/10 School of Rock 3 Charlie Hickenbottom takes local teachers out for a climbing lesson
7/13/10 Ultralight Pack Smackdown Republishing of 2003 Backpacker article on 7-day pack review trip
7/8/10 Chester's Birthday Climb Trip report from hiking Whistler Peak
6/25/10 Edible Gold Mushroom collecting with Sherri Schneider
6/24/10 Rain, Greenhouse Gases, and Tea Link to a Wenatchee World editorial on global warming
6/21/10 Carne Mountain Hike Guidebook entry for hiking Carne Mountain
6/14/10 Montezuma's Match- The Best Water Purifiers Andy Dappen's top picks for water purification
6/11/10 The Are-You-Mad? Photo Workshop Summary of John Marshall's Mad River photography workshop
6/11/10 Eightmile Mountain Mystery Tour Trip report from BC skiing North-Face Couloir and Eightmile
6/3/10 Tweedy's Lewisia- Photos and Photo Tips Floral photos and photo tips from Marc Dilley
5/26/10 Panther Triathlon- 2010 Summary from 4th annual Panther Triathlon
5/15/10 Video: Paragliding in Central Washington Paragliding video from Shane Wilder
5/12/10 Non-Motorized, Winter Recreation Areas Wenatchee Mountains Coalition seeks to protect non-motorized rec
5/7/10 Cape Horn Backpack Guidebook entry for hiking Cape Horn (Colockum Wildlife Area)
5/4/10 Widening Our Backcountry Circles Tom Janisch writes on the benefits of skiing with new partners
4/17/10 Seven Summits Superlight- A Spring Ski Review of Seven Summits Superlight ski
4/14/10 Why Telemark 2 Commentary on switching from telemark to AT
4/9/10 Wildflower Photo Tips from John Marshall John Marshall tells how to take great wildflower photos
3/18/10 Life and Death on the Divide Trip report from hiking the "abominable" One-Two divide
2/9/10 Diary of a Mad Shoveller Diary of a Mad Shoveller, from an unknown author
2/6/10 Wallowa Whumps Corron Polley skis the Oregon Wallowa Mountains
2/5/10 Backcountry Repair Kit Recommendations for backcountry ski repair kits
2/3/10 Snowshoe Review: Atlas Mountain 11 and 12 Gear review for Atlas Mountain 11 and Mountain 12 snowshoes
2/2/10 Diamond Head and Diamond Turns Report from Chester Marler's tour with BC skiing class
1/31/10 Light and Wide- New Touring Skis Review of new skis for winter 2010/2011
1/15/10 WTA Photo Contest Winners Winners from the annual WTA Northwest Exposure Photo Contest
1/13/10 Exploring the Backcountry with El Sendero Trip summaries from Gus Bekker and El Sendero
1/7/10 Remembering NCW Winters Stories from IRIS project's Nancy Warner on historic NCW winters
1/6/10 Mom Madness Molly Steere learns how to get outside with a new baby
12/23/09 Winter Travel- Navigation Notes from WO backcountry ski class on winter navigation
12/19/09 Ice Worlds Snow and ice photos from Marc Dilley
12/15/09 A Christmas Consideration Video of a 13-year-old girl delivering a speech to UN Conference
12/14/09 Twin Top Skis are for Wimps Video of tricks on Nordic skate skis
12/8/09 Avalanche Rescues- Essential Gear What to bring for avalanche preparedness, and how to use it
12/2/09 Ski Conditioning Tips from Adam Vognild on preparing for ski season
12/1/09 Avalanches- Instructional Videos Avalanche preparedness videos
11/30/09 Speed Riding- Yikes Video of Montant Speed Riding
11/24/09 Biking Video- with Mega WOW Factor Urban biking trick video from London
11/22/09 Backcountry Skiing- Where to Go? Resources for choosing the right backcountry ski routes
11/18/09 Rock Mountain Trip Report Photos and trip report from John Plotz & Kyle Flick from
11/15/09 Chapter 2: Cherries for Apples Guide to the Ice Harbor Land Exchange
11/5/09 Encounters of the Cougar Kind Stu Freed and cougars: both at the same time!
10/30/09 Avalanche Burial- A Helmet Cam's View Video of an avalanche burial
10/29/09 Webcams- Regional Eyes The WebCam page has been updated to include 100 PNW cameras
10/20/09 Babcock Bench Badweather Bailout Guidebook entry for biking the Babcock Bench
10/16/09 October Shots Larch photos from Peter Bauer and Gary Schimelfenig
10/13/09 Sand Creek Loop Guidebook entry for the Sand Creek Loop
10/12/09 The Enchantments- Lake and Light Marc Dilley's fall Enchantments photos
10/10/09 Crescent Bar Paddle Guidebook entry for canoeing Crescent Bar
10/8/09 KiteDreams and KiteMares Intro to kitesurfing with Kim Anderson
10/7/09 Confessions of a Cross-Dresser Kim Anderson comments on learning to hunt with his sons
10/5/09 Massie Lake, High Pass, Louis Creek High Routes Guidebook entry for 6-day hiking trip from Makkie Lake to Louis Creek
9/24/09 Across the Stuart Range… Following the mutant Report from John Plotz on traversing the Stuart Range
9/16/09 Horan Natural Area Guidebook entry for hiking the Horan Natural Area
9/15/09 Snow Buckwheat Natural history entry on snow buckwheat
9/9/09 Givler's Dome Guidebook entry for climbing Givler's Dome
9/4/09 Saying Uncle to Stuartpaloozafest Ken Dailey pokes fun at WenatcheeOutdoors' Uncle Stories and the Triple Play on Stuart
9/3/09 Fish Wall- Icicle Climbing Guidebook entry for climbing Fish Wall
8/27/09 Eastside Trail- Nature Trumps Development Residents prefer the Eastside Loop undeveloped
8/19/09 Say 'Uncle'!- Part 2 Part 2 of Andy Dappen's story on familial abuse
8/18/09 Say 'Uncle'!- Part 1 Andy Dappen's nephews suffer in the Glacier Peak Wilderness
8/14/09 Chain-Doelle-Margaret Lakes Circuit Guidebook entry for a 3-day hike in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness
8/6/09 Sagebrush Love Kristen Ballinger describes her love for the shrub steppe
8/6/09 Sockeye Fishing 101 Tips for using a simple trolling rig for sockeye fishing
7/17/09 The Pinnacle of the Chelans Guidebook entry for backpacking, climbing Pinnacle/Choral Mountains
7/14/09 Kayaking the Chelan River Gorge Report and videos from PUD's Chelan River Gorge release, which created Class V rapids
7/10/09 Butterfly Mystery Peter Bauer asks why butterflies sometimes accumulate on the ground
7/7/09 Mosquito Repellents- What Works? What works for repelling mosquitoes?
7/2/09 Spider Meadows- Chiwawa East Peak Guidebook entry for hiking, trail running Chiwawa's East Peak
7/2/09 Backpack Review- Nimbus Meridian Allison Dappen earns the price of owning a Nimbus Meridian pack
6/30/09 Skis on Eldorado- An Inane Parable Summer skiing on Eldorado
6/25/09 Show Me the Gold- DAD Patrols Peter Bauer takes photos on a Dusk and Dawn Patrol
6/23/09 Astronomic Puzzle Calculating sunrise during the summer solstice
6/22/09 Xanadu Guidebook entry for biking Xanadu
6/16/09 Paddle or Ski- A Seven-Fingered Dilemma Trip report from skiing Seven-Fingered Jack and Mt. Maude
6/9/09 The Wolves of Winthrop Update on a wolf pack that has settled near Twisp
6/4/09 Prime Rib of Goat Guidebook entry for climbing Prime Rib
6/4/09 Lyman Lake Ski Touring Trip report from John Plotz on skiing Lyman Lakes
5/15/09 Cascade Pass Ski Touring Trip report from Chester Marler's ski tour in Cascade Pass
5/8/09 Chelan to Manson Loop- Road Ride Guidebook entry for biking a loop between Chelan and Manson
5/7/09 Central Washington Guidebook Review Review of Central Cascades Day Hiking book
5/5/09 Apple Century Bike Ride- 22 Years Old What's so great about the Apple Century Bike Ride?
4/24/09 Photography 202- About Light Photography tips from Marc Dilley
4/23/09 Leavenworth Rock- Clem's Holler and More Guidebook entry for climbing Clem's Holler, Retardent Rock, and Special Spot
4/22/09 Snoqualmie Pass- Folk Life Tour Trip report from skiing the Folk Life Tour in the Alpental ski area
4/22/09 Alter Ego Molly Steere's profile of Dr. Russ Havlicek
4/14/09 Horseshoe Lake- A Birthday Tour Trip report from Robbie Scott's 64th birthday ski tour
4/7/09 Cannon Mountain- NW Slopes Guidebook entry for skiing Cannon Mountain NW slopes
3/29/09 Bicycling by the Numbers Carolyn Griffin-Bugert recounts bike tours with a family of 3 kids
3/24/09 Shooting the Cannon: He Says, She Says John Plotz and Kyle Flick ski Cannon Mountain
3/18/09 Blewett Powder and Pics Photos and a trip report from skiing near Blewett Pass
3/17/09 The School of Skiing 12 Lessons from the ski slopes
3/13/09 Canadian Backcountry Skiing Video slideshow of skiing in the Purcell Mountains
3/12/09 Backcountry Pharmacy A few medicines to carry in the backcountry
3/5/09 Hog Loppet Video (2009) Video from 2009 Hog Loppet
2/26/09 Eightmile Mountain- Powdering the NE Face Trip report from BC ski trip to the NE face of Eightmile Mountain
2/25/09 Coolest Links- Weather & Snow Telemetry New telemetry links in the Ski Areas page
2/25/09 Tour of the Luddites Andy Dappen and filmaker Nils Larsen pit old- vs. new-school skiing
2/23/09 Mission Ridge- Uphill Battle with Uphill Hikers Keeping the peace between up and downhillers at Mission Ridge
2/20/09 Running Safer and Faster How to run farther and faster without hurting joints
2/19/09 Hansel Creek- A Tale of Two Passes Guidebook entry for backcountry skiing Hansel Creek
2/18/09 Fog Revisited- Photos Fog photos
2/17/09 Northrup Canyon- Hike of the Month Guidebook entry for hiking Northrup Canyon
2/13/09 Best Skis: NW On-Snow Demo Report from gear demo day at Mission Ridge
2/11/09 Skis and Snowshoes Part 3 Excerpt from Chester Marler's book East of the Divide
2/10/09 Flagpole Climbed- In Winter! Kyle Flick and John Plotz make the first winter ascent of the Flagpole
2/4/09 The Stooges of McCausland Trip report from BC skiing Union Peak with the Three Stooges
2/2/09 Living Fully, or Cool Way to Die? Video of people flying in wing suits off Norwegian rock walls
1/27/09 Foothill Dog Leashing Policies Results from poll on leashing, and discussion of local leash policy
1/26/09 Olympus Stylus 1030- Digital Camera Review Review of a camera suited for watery trips
1/21/09 Fog Photos Foggy photos from Lisa Robinson and Bob Parlette
1/20/09 Quest to Become a Slacker Introduction to slacklining
1/20/09 Favorite Tents- Bibler, Integral Design Chester Marler tells why the Bibler Eldorado is his favorite winter tent
1/19/09 Backbone Ridge- First Winter Ascent John Plotz and Ade Miller's attempted first winter ascent of Backbone Ridge
1/18/09 Skis and Snowshoes Part 2 Excerpt from Chester Marler's book East of the Divide
1/13/09 Echo Ridge Trails Guidebook entry for skiing Echo Ridge
1/8/09 One-Two Divide Guidebook entry for hiking, trail running, snowshoeing the One-Two Divide
1/3/09 "Red Beckey" Review John Plotz reviews Fred Beckeys Cascade Alpine Guide
1/2/09 The Bartholomew Cubbins Bag Matt Dahlgreen's favorite stuff sack infallibly produces the perfect hat
12/30/09 Skins- Backcountry Skiing Excerpt from Backcountry Skiing- Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering
12/27/08 MicroSpikes- Studded Tires for the Feet Andy Dappen's review of Kahtoola MicroSpikes
12/17/08 Best Gifts for Christmas Holiday gift ideas
12/12/08 Snowboarding First Descent Video of Terje Haakonsen
12/9/08 Night Vision Decision point: use a headlamp or practice night vision
12/3/08 Offloading Thanksgiving Melting off the post-Thanksgiving blubber
12/1/08 Best November Pictures Photos from Marc Dilley, Peter Bauer, and John Plotz
11/20/08 Favorite Gear- Your Picks Chance to share all of your gear favorites
11/19/08 Cash For Trash Should recycling be a no-brainer, or should it be incentivized?
11/14/08 Bailout Those Who Have Bailed on Us? Commentary on the federal GM bailout
11/11/08 Rally for Ed Summary from rally for injured cyclist Ed Farrar
11/6/08 Winter Trail Info- Wenatchee Foothills Guide to Foothills trail closure and use in the winter
11/4/08 Flipping the Reset Switch The importance of getting out as a way to hit the "reset" button
11/3/08 Basidiomycete Secrets Fungal foraging from Sherri Schneider
10/29/08 Chiwaukum Traverse Guidebook entry for hiking 20-mile Chiwaukum traverse
10/26/08 Trespassing Mountain Bikers May be Shot? Jeff Cravens seeks info on a ride that may or may not get him shot
10/23/08 Banks Lake Climbing Guidebook entry for climbing Banks Lake
10/20/08 Local Larch Recommendations for the best fall larch hikes
10/14/08 Chain Reaction Andy Dappen's reflection on bikes falling apart on Mt. Rainier
10/10/08 First Snows… Over Lake Wenatchee Photos from the first snow of the season
10/9/08 Bike Commuting- Tales of Joy and Fear Kinks to work out before we can be a commuter town
10/8/09 Gear Storage 2 Systems local gear gurus use to store their goods
10/7/08 Leavenworth Rainbows Rainbow shots from Shane Wilder
10/2/08 Dream Homes… For Outdoor Folk Story from Molly Steere on designing a house that's fit for gear
9/30/08 Fall Photos Fall photos from Brenda Reid
9/28/08 Farewell to a Friend- Nana Simone Eulogy to conservation enthusiast Nana Simone
9/17/08 High Pass Loop- Picture of the Week Guidebook entry for hiking High Pass/Clark Mountain loop
9/15/08 Red-Devil Loop Guidebook entry for biking and trail running the Red Devil Loop
9/12/08 Save the Planet- By Playing Excerpt from David Suzuki's Green Guide
9/10/08 Sports Nutrition Made Simple How to fuel the body for efficient outdoor recreation
9/10/08 Hart- Lyman Lakes Guidebook entry for hiking Hart & Lyman Lakes
9/2/08 The Termite's Stomach Termites have a gut chemical that can turn wood into ethanol
8/25/08 Love of Tarps How to use a tarp for… just about anything
8/21/08 Backbone Ridge- A Classic Climb Trip report from John Plotz on climbing Backbone Ridge
8/18/08 Grizzly-Wolf Interactions Video of a grizzly and a wolf facing off over an elk carcass
8/17/08 Hot Weather, Cool Outings- Escaping the Heat Wave Condition report and recommended outings for beating the heat
8/15/08 Best Canoeing Accessories- Part 2 Gear advice for paddling and whitewater kayaking
8/15/08 Pipeline Trail Guidebook entry for biking the Pipeline Trail
8/14/08 Best Canoeing Accessories- Part 1 Gear recommendations for canoeists
8/14/08 Clark Mountain Guidebook entry for climbing Clark Mountain
8/14/08 Cardinal Mountain: Standard West Route Guidebook entry for climbing Cardinal Mountain
8/13/08 Buck Mountain: West Shoulder Guidebook entry for climbing Buck Mountain
8/23/08 Box Top Standard Route Guidebook entry for climbing Boxtop
8/13/08 Bonanza Peak: Mary Green Glacier Guidebook entry for climbing Bonanza Peak
8/11/08 Berge Mountain: East Ridge Guidebook entry for climbing Mt. Berge.
8/11/08 Stehekin Mtn. Bike Rides Guidebook entry for biking near Stehekin
8/10/08 Penstock Pipeline (Old Pipeline Trail) Guidebook entry for hiking, snowshoeing Penstock Pipeline
8/6/08 Devil's Backbone Guidebook entry for biking Devil's Backbone on Stormy Mountain
8/6/08 Mad River (Upper) to Mad Lake Guidebook entry for biking Mad River to Mad Lake
8/6/08 Twentyfive Mile Creek (Chelan) Guidebook entry for biking Twentyfive Mile Creek
8/5/08 Pot Peak (Chelan) Guidebook entry for biking Pot Peak
8/5/08 Mad River- Mad Lake- Klone Peak Guidebook entry for biking from Mad River to Mad Lake to Klone Peak
8/5/08 Chelan Butte Ridge Guidebook entry for biking Chelan Butte Ridge
8/5/08 Chelan Butte Guidebook entry for biking Chelan Butte
8/4/08 Alpine Trees Excerpt from Chester Marler's book East of the Divide
8/3/08 Bygone Byways Guidebook entry for biking the Bygone Byways trail
8/2/08 Myrtle Lake Guidebook entry for hiking Myrtle Lake
7/31/08 Condorphamine Addiction Guidebook entry for climbing Condor Buttress
7/30/08 Mad River to Mad Lake and Klone Peak Guidebook for biking Mad River to Mad Lake and Klone Peak
7/30/08 Jiggler Guidebook entry for biking Jiggler
7/30/08 Silver Falls Guidebook entry for hiking to Silver Falls
7/29/08 Klone Peak Guidebook entry for climbing Klone Peak
7/23/08 Stehekin River Guidebook entry for paddling the Stehekin River
7/23/08 Methow River Guidebook entry for paddling the Methow River
7/21/08 Why Are Trees Dying? Washington Trails article on spruce budworm and mountain pine beetle
7/15/08 Echo Valley Guidebook entry for biking, trail running Echo Valley
7/9/08 Mountain Biking- Need for Speed Link to Rob Ollikainen's mountain biking story Need for Speed
7/5/08 School of Rock Charlie Hickenbottom's experience teaching teachers to climb
6/30/08 Beehive Trail Guidebook entry for hiking, biking Beehive Trail
6/28/08 Columbia- Pictograph Paddle Guidebook entry for paddling the Columbia to Native American pictographs
6/28/08 Columbia- Earthquake Point Guidebook entry for paddling the Columbia near Earthquake Point
6/28/08 Columbia River- Goosetail Rock Guidebook entry for paddling the Columbia near Goosetail Rock
6/26/08 Entiat River- Lower Guidebook entry for paddling the Lower Entiat River
6/25/08 Columbia- Entiat Options Guidebook entry for paddling the Columbia near Entiat
6/21/08 Mad River-- Lower from Entiat Guidebook entry for biking, hiking the Mad River Trail from Entiat
6/17/08 The Flagpole Revisited John Plotz & Kyle Flick conquer the Flagpole on their second attempt
6/15/08 Black Jack Ridge-- Boot Jack Mountain Guidebook entry for hiking Black Jack Ridge to Boot Jack Mountain
6/13/08 Wildlife Pictures Photo submissions of a bald eagle's nest and of wild sheep
6/10/08 Out, Out Damn SPOT Link to a story about the SPOT personal tracker being used to initiate a rescue on Mt. Denali
6/9/08 The Flagpole-- An Elusive Summit John Plotz and Kyle Flick's failed attempt to climb The Flagpole
5/31/08 Wildflower Quiz- Central Washington Wildflower quiz slideshow
5/29/08 Weeds- Quien es Mas Macho? Editorial on local noxious weeds and the salsify invasion
5/15/08 Getting Bent on 'The Loop' Molly Steere tries out recumbent bikes
5/8/08 Tower Mountain-- Skiing the NE Couloir Trip report from a recent ski trip to Tower Mountain
5/8/08 Video- Skiing the 'Swath' Video and story from Shane Wilder on skiing the Swath
5/1/08 Kerry Siderius- Watercolor Gallery Slideshow of landscape watercolors by local artist Kerry Siderius
4/30/08 Wangari Maathai- A Hummingbird's Tale Highlights from Nobel Prize winner and Green Belt founder Wangari Maathai
4/28/08 Swaths and Spiders Shane Wilder braves the avalanches of the Swath
4/26/08 Local Natural History Resources Links to natural history guides for local animals, insects, and plants
4/25/08 Snake Bite Links to a story about a 13-year old being bitten by a rattlesnake
4/24/08 Wildflowers of Central Washington- More Photos Gallery of wildflower photos from Peter Prehn
4/22/08 Northrup Canyon Hike Guidebook entry for hiking Northrup Canyon
4/21/08 Chiwaukum Birthday Tour Guidebook entry for skiing a Chiwaukum Tour
4/16/08 SAMSON vs RAMROD Trip report from John Plotz and Adam Vognild's insane one-day trip around Mt. Stuart
4/10/08 Ishmael- Old But Good Book review of Daniel Quinn's classic book Ishmael
4/3/08 Pyramid and Cardinal Peaks Guidebook entry for skiing Pyramid and Cardinal peaks
4/1/08 Keystone Point Guidebook entry for snowshoeing, hiking Keystone Ridge
3/31/08 Wool or Cotton- What's Greener Environmental tradeoffs between of wool and cotton
3/25/08 Pyramid Peak Ski Tour Andy Dappen and Dave Jaecks ski tour Pyramid Peak
3/20/08 Exped Synmat 7 (with pump)- Review Gear review of Exped Synmat 7 sleeping pad
3/17/08 Chelan Sawtooth Ski Touring Excerpt from Chester Marler's book East of the Divide
3/15/08 Prepping for Flowers Resources to prepare for identifying spring wildflowers
3/14/08 Trail Do's and Don'ts A reminder of proper trail etiquette
3/13/08 BPA and Waterbottles The straight answer on recent hype over health risks of BPA
3/10/08 Tronsen Head- Bojangle Loop Guidebook for touring the Bojangle Loop (Tronsen Meadows area)
3/9/08 A Skiing Triple Play Summary from Andy Dappen's 3-pronged ski adventure day
3/6/08 Chelan Butte-- Ski it, Walk it Guidebook entry for XC skiing and hiking Chelan Butte
3/5/08 Driver Sentences for Killing Cyclists While Texting Story about a British woman imprisoned for killing a cyclist while texting
3/3/08 The College of Skiing- East vs. West Allison Dappen compares East and West- coast skiing
2/29/08 Skiing Lady's Slippers Shane Wilder's tale of skiing Sleeping Lady's feet
2/26/08 How Polluted Is the Columbia? Highlights from a Citizens for a Clean Columbia-Wenatchee report
2/25/08 Hog Loppet- Slideshow and Synopsis Photos and stories from the recent Hog Loppet
2/22/08 Entiat Snow and Ice Excerpt from Chester Marler's East of the Divide
2/14/08 South American Wedding Bells Story from CDLT intern Rebecca Garvoille's surprise wedding in Peru
2/11/08 King Creek Tour Guidebook entry for skiing King Creek
2/4/08 Skiing a Double Marathon Lief Carlsen's dream of skiing 146 miles above Lake Chelan
2/1/08 Drowning in Snow Information for snowsport enthusiasts on avoiding tree wells
1/31/08 Photographic Fantasia Icy photos from Marc Dilley taken along the Wenatchee River
1/30/08 Avalanche Alert-- In the Foothills? Report on an avalanche in the Foothills
1/28/08 Coolest Products- 2 Review of National Geographic's Top! Explorer mapping system
1/25/08 Coolest Products- 1 The best items from the 2008 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show in Salt Lake City
1/23/08 Utah Ski Testing The best skis tested at the 2008 Outdoor Retailer Show
1/18/08 Randonnee First Tracks Kim Anderson describes his growing love for alpine touring
1/16/08 Avalanche Shovels Discussion of how to choose an avalanche shovel
1/15/08 Avalanches- A Deadly Season Avalanche season summary and safety tips
1/14/08 Purple Creek to Purple Pass Guidebook entry for hiking Purple Creek to Purple Pass
1/10/08 My Own Private Ski Course Lief Carlsen skis in solitude at Echo Ridge
1/9/08 Local Nordic Skiing- Different Options A range of local options for Nordic skiing
1/8/08 To Pasco and Back Wenatchee mountain biking trumps the Tri-Cities
1/7/08 Binding Review- Black Diamond 01 Gear review of the Black Diamond 01 ski binding
1/6/08 Backcountry Skiing- Book Review Book review of Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering
1/4/08 The Story of Stuff Link to The Story of Stuff video
1/3/08 Pugh Ridge Guidebook entry for hiking Pugh Ridge
1/3/08 Poet Ridge to Poe Mtn. Guidebook entry for hiking, trail running Poet Ridge to Poe Mountain
1/3/08 Recycling: Why Aren't We Doing It? Why Wenatchee is not the 5th greenest town in America
1/2/08 Lightning Snowshoes A plug for using snowshoes to enjoy winter hiking
1/2/08 Are Magazine Reviews Any Good? Commentary on magazine reviews that don't jive with performance
1/2/08 Best Snowshoes Review of 9 different snowshoes
1/1/08 Hidden Lake Guidebook entry for hiking Hidden Lake
1/1/08 Hawkins Mountain Guidebook entry for hiking Hawking Mountain
1/1/08 Glacier Peak Circumnavigation Guidebook entry for hiking completely around Glacier Peak
12/30/07 Four-Season Hiking A plug for using snowshoes to extend the hiking season
12/29/07 Dog Days of Winter Link to an article on skijoring
12/26/07 Carving the Source Considering the value of snow in the face of global warming
12/19/07 Nordic Skiing- 525 Miles for $62 Guide to local options for Nordic skiiers
12/11/07 Wenatchee Outdoors Goes AudioVisual Photo Slideshow advertising and explaining WenatcheeOutdoors
12/8/07 Foothills Trail- Video Slideshow Picture slideshow describing efforts to develop the Foothills trails
11/29/07 Epic on Fred and Frank's Loop Len Francies and Art Tuffties get lost in the Ancient Lakes
11/20/07 Beezly Hills- Monument Hill Guidebook entry for hiking, biking, trail running Beezly Hills
11/18/07 Top Ten Reasons: To Love Autumn Why the color yellow is Andy Dappen's favorite part of autumn
11/6/07 Too Many Drugs, Not Enough Nature Commentary on Nature Deficit Disorder
11/5/07 East of the Divide Book review of Chester Marler's East of the Divide
10/28/07 Fall Colors- What Causes Them? Wenatchee National Forest's explains why leaves change color in autumn
10/23/07 Mt. David Hike Guidebook entry for hiking Mt. David
10/22/07 Bay Watch Tom Reese's perspective on urban marsh conservation near Seattle
10/21/07 Where's Bob Loppet? Skiing the Hog Loppet with a group of F.O.B.s
10/15/07 Light Sleepers (Gear) ProLite 3S sleeping pad review
10/15/07 D.A.D. Patrol Balancing work, family, and recreation through Dawn and Dusk patrols
10/15/07 Arrow-Leaf Balsamroot Natural history info on arrow-leaf balsamroot
10/15/07 Going' in the Woods Information on responsibly emitting human waste outdoors
9/19/07 Mountain Biking: Revenge of the Nerd Andy Dappen, biking nerd, bests the jocks of the wheels
9/18/07 Children in the Natural World Commentary on taking local kids out to Saddle Rock
9/11/07 GPS Reviews Reviews of the Garmin eTrex H and Suunto X9i
9/7/07 Stupid Fun: Swimming with Salmon Salmon-watching in a wetsuit
8/25/07 McGregor Mountain Guidebook entry for climbing, hiking McGregor Mountain
8/21/07 Smart Tubing Tips for safely tubing the Wenatchee River
8/9/07 Drownings on the Wenatchee: What's to be Done? Follow up and recommended action after tubing deaths on the Wenatchee
8/9/07 Icon Headlamp: Cracking the Darkness Nut Gear review of the Black Diamond Icon LED headlamp
8/8/07 August Skies Tip-off on one of the best star-gazing nights in decades
8/6/07 See and Ski- Mtn Bike Loop Guidebook entry for biking the See and Ski Loop
8/3/07 Wool is Back Why we should embrace merino wool
7/26/07 Drying for Dummies How to dry fruit for your outdoor adventures
7/25/07 Old Wagon Rd. (Stehekin) Guidebook entry for hiking Stehekin's Old Wagon Rd.
7/25/07 Chelan Summit Trail Guidebook entry for hiking the Chelan Summit Trail
7/21/07 Chatter Creek Basin Guidebook entry for hiking the Chatter Creek Trail
7/18/07 Love of Lakes Lloyd Berry has hiked into every non-roaded lake in Chelan County
7/11/07 Church of Climbing The risks and the rewards of climbing closer to the sun
7/11/07 Christine Boskoff: A Life in a Day Andy Dappen's eulogy to climber Christine Boskoff
7/11/07 Northern Tier: Part 4 Excerpt from Lief Carlsen's book about biking across America
7/11/07 California Tortoiseshell Butterflies Natural history of California Tortoiseshell butterflies
7/11/07 Climbing: Rewards and Risks Why climb? : Risks and rewards
7/10/07 Does it Make a Sound? Humorous answer to the classic question
7/6/07 Economics of Wildlands Economic benefits of ecosystem preservation
6/26/07 Too Much Testosterone Commentary about embracing outdoor activities at all fitness levels
6/19/07 Expedition Behavior: The Finer Points Ten rules for a successful group expedition
6/7/07 Northern Tier- Part 3 Excerpt from Lief Carlsen's book about biking across America
6/1/07 Raingear for Walkers Tips on keeping dry on rainy hikes
5/30/07 John Day Float Trip Trip report from paddling the John Day River
5/28/07 Leave it Better Than You Found it Leave no trace tips
5/23/07 Inline Skating Ken Longley's pitch for inline skating
5/21/07 Gamma Seals: When One Becomes Twelve Review of Gamma Seal lids
4/27/07 Northern Tier- Part 2 Excerpt from Lief Carlsen's book about biking across America
4/27/07 Cacti of Washington State- A History Origins and history of Washington's cacti
4/12/07 Arrow-Leaf Balsamroot Natural history of arrow-leaf balsamroot
4/9/07 Rules of the Trail-- Do's and Don’t's Rules of responsible trail construction and use
3/20/07 Northern Tier: Biking Cross-Country Excerpt from Lief Carlsen's book about biking across America
3/19/07 Climate Change-- One Small Step for You Tangible steps to take to combat climate change
2/9/07 Maps on CDs Review of the National Geographic TOPO! Map CDs
2/8/07 Skin Tips for Climbing Skins Q&A on climbing skins
1/17/07 A Watch to Train By Review of the Pulseware Max
1/6/07 Upside-Down Canoe-- Or, Canoeing the Lower Wenatchee John Marshall's lessons from paddling the icy Wenatchee River
1/5/07 DNR Stewards Needed DNR is seeking conservation-oriented volunteers to steward location recreation areas
1/1/07 MegaTrends Trends from the Outdoors Industry Association
12/7/06 Miller Peak- County Line Trail Guidebook entry for skiing, snowshoeing Miller Peak
11/21/06 Thanksgiving Getaways Trip ideas for Thanksgiving weekend
11/13/06 MSR Lightning Snowshoes Gear review of the MSR Lightning Snowshoes
11/12/06 Ski Conditioning Basics Darcy West's ski conditioning advice
10/23/06 Rock Mountain Guidebook entry for hiking Rock Mountain
10/12/06 Initiative 933: The Day Land-Use Planning Died Eliot Scull's commentary on the Property Fairness Initiative (1-933)
9/26/06 Gold Report Where and when to find the best fall colors in NCW
8/31/06 SimmerLite Stove Gear review of the SimmerLite Stove
8/28/06 Wenatchee to Lake Chelan Guidebook entry for biking between Wenatchee and Chelan
8/25/06 High Pass Loop Guidebook entry for hiking High Pass Loop
8/22/06 Backpacking Like a Girl Allison Dappen makes an annual tradition of backpacking with friends
8/18/06 Chickamin Creek- Minnow Ridge Loop Guidebook entry for biking, trail running the Chickamin Creek-Minnow Ridge Loop
8/16/06 Hawk Migration at Entiat Ridge Info about the Falcon Research Group's hawk migration project
8/3/06 Geriatrics and Gravity Report from Kyle Flick, John Plotz, and Steve Tift's trip to Yosemite
8/2/06 The Sun, The Moon, and The Star Gear review of Essential Gear LED lanterns
8/2/06 Heatwave Escapades Hot-weather trip ideas
7/16/07 Halvorson Loop Guidebook entry for biking the Halvorson Loop
7/4/07 Tiptop Lookout Guidebook entry for hiking Tiptop Lookout
6/25/06 Our Overlooked Playground Tips for enjoying recreation on the Columbia River
6/24/06 Vapor Trail Pack Review Gear review of the Vapor Trail Pack
6/17/06 Manson Loop Ride Guidebook entry for biking to Manson
6/16/06 Chelan- Navarre Coulee Loop Guidebook entry for the Chelan-Navarre Coulee Loop
6/15/06 McNeil Canyon Loop Guidebook entry for biking McNeil Canyon Loop
6/15/06 Chelan- Navarre Coulee Loop Guidebook entry for the Chelan-Navarre Coulee Loop
5/15/06 Entiat River Road Guidebook entry for biking Entiat River Road
4/20/06 Lakeshore Trail Guidebook entry for hiking the Chelan Lakeshore Trail
4/18/06 Light Sleepers Gear review of the Therm-a-Rest ProLite 3S sleeping pad
4/13/06 Hydration 101 The basics of fluid replacement while exercising
3/29/06 Forest Lands for Sale? Recap of a letter that former USFS chiefs wrote to Congress
3/26/06 Point 1881 Guidebook entry for hiking Point 1881
3/22/06 Earliest Spring Wildflowers Spring wildflower photos and natural history from Marc Dilley
3/21/06 Why Telemark? Advice on beginning to telemark ski
3/1/06 Hogshead Revisited Recap of the 2006 Hog Loppet
2/17/06 Van Creek to Sugarloaf Guidebook entry for skiing Van Creek
2/16/06 Hog Loppet or Where's Bob? Finding B.O.B. on the Hog Loppet
2/14/06 How to Build an Igloo Marc Dilley explains how to construct an igloo
2/14/06 Entiat River Road Guidebook entry for snowhoeing, skiing Entiat River Road
2/14/06 Eagle Creek Road Guidebook entry for skiing Eagle Creek Road
1/14/06 Waterfront Park Guidebook for hiking Waterfront Park in Leavenworth
12/29/05 Lessons of the Nearly Crippled Neck-breaking safety lessons
12/23/05 Exercises for Knee Rehab Knee rehab exercises
12/7/05 Snowshoes vs. Skis Proto-Battle of the Boards
11/14/05 De-Stressing Thanksgiving Escape holiday stress by skiing
10/14/05 Bikepacking Andy Dappen's Stupid Fun hiking with a bike
8/22/05 SuperTour 2005 Larry Glickfeld just completed the 11-day 1000 mile SuperTour
6/20/05 Tweedy's Lewisia Natural history of Tweedy's Lewisia
6/10/05 National Champs Laura Valaas helps Whitman College clinch National College Cycling Championships
5/11/05 Smart Growth Versus Dumb Growth Commentary on smart development
5/11/05 Running Man-- The Yin and Yang of Trail Running Is trail running stupid fun or just stupid?
9/16/04 Steliko Ridge Guidebook entry for hiking, biking Steliko Ridge
1/1/80 Seek and Ye Shall Find Where to find early-season skiing
1/1/80 Lightning Snowshoes Gear review of the MSR Lightning Snowshoes