Help Needed on New Foothills Trail

Last weekend, Matt Rose, piloting the claw of his Kabota, carved out another 1,000 feet of new trail on the trail linkage the Land Trust is spearheading between Horse Lake Road and the Sage Hills to the south. There’s another 9,000 feet of trail to build before connection.

Matt Rose will be clawing away at the trail on upcoming weekends and able-backed volunteers are needed to work behind the machine. Patrick Walker, the Trails Coordinator for the Land Trust, says:

    “We are really trying to get this punched through while we can so that the trail can sit for the winter. Here is what we need for upcoming November Saturdays and Sundays:
          One person to work more closely with Matt each day. This person helps get Matt rolling and makes sure the path is clear. This person would be working with Matt all day or the position could be split into a couple of shifts. It would help if this person had some trail-building experience as he/she will need to help make tweaks to the layout as Matt is moving along.
         Two people who could work half days on Saturdays and/or Sundays. These helpers could start a little later in the day because Matt needs to make some progress before there is much to do. This crew will follow behind the machine, do some rough finish work on the trail, toss sage, rake, and break down the edge of the trail.  
         Anyone willing to work needs to bring their own tools (e.g., rake, shovel, macleod), gloves, water, and food. You will be doing manual labor, be prepared. This is not a very kid-friendly event because of the working machinery close by.”

If you can help a half or full day, contact Patrick Walker (667-9708).



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