Nason Ridge Closure

November 5, 2007: Lake Wenatchee State Park sent us an email announcing that Nason Ridge will not be groomed for Nordic skiing this winter. Bummer. For those who aren't familiar with the groomed ski trails leading from the Kahler Glen Golf Course up Nason Ridge, the circuit has a brutal climb (especially if you're skating) followed by many high-speed miles of crashing and burning on the descent. It's like a blow to the stomach followed by multiple blows to the head. Wonderful. We hope this doubly debilitating circuit returns for 2009. Now for the straight scoop:

Hello everyone,
      We're starting out the season with some unfortunate news. We will have no trails groomed out Nason Ridge this season due to logging on Longview Timber Company lands which begin immediately South of Kahler Glen Golf Course and include most all the trail system "up top".
      We will be grooming our "core trails", including 8k in the South Park, 5.3k in the North (limited skate lanes), and 8k at Chiwawa See&Ski (skate lane full distance).
       Though we never know for certain from year-to-year, Longview believes the logging will be completed this season and access to their land next season will likely resume. Many thanks to Longview Timber Company for allowing access to their land in the past, and we hope to be skiing up there next year!

Rick Halstead
Park Manager
Lake Wenatchee State Park
(509) 763-3101
(509) 763-1029 (fax)


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