Bridge Troubles - Loop Trail

    The future possibility of the DOT surplusing its easement and property along the east side of  the Loop Trail isn't the only big issue endangering the future of this trail. A recent assessment of the condition of the pedestrian bridge, located on the south end of the trail, has revealed some real safety problems. According to this article in The Wenatchee World, the bridge may not be safe to use after 2009.
    The pedestrian bridge was built in 1908 for $171,000 and was the first bridge to cross the U.S. portion of the Columbia River. At that time it was used by wagons and allowed crops  grown on Badger Mountain to reach the railroad passing through Wenatchee. It also carried the irrigation water of the Highline Canal over the Columbia and facilitated agriculture on the dry lands east of the Columbia.
    Much later it became one of the vital links in turning riverside trails along the western and eastern banks of the Columbia into the Loop Trail that we citizens of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee have come to love.


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