Trails-Make A Difference Day

 A Make-a-Difference-Day project in the Jacobson Preserve (located on the  north side of Saddle Rock) attracted 25 people who attacked a number of  maintenance issues with the preserve's trails. Nana' Simone, co-chair of the Land Trust's Trails Committee, helped coordinate the effort and reports:

" The team leaders and their crews completed the following projects:
Patrick Walker: built a rock wall to prevent further erosion on a switchback.
Steve Kolk: installed two drains to prevent puddling along the irrigation pipeline.
Matt Rose and Charlie Hickenbottom: rerouted a section of trail.
Shawn Hansen: poured concrete for two signs, fixed split rail end posts.
Randy Riggs: removed rocks and wood stubs (trail runner's nemesis).
NanĂ¡ Simone: brushed trail.
Susan Ballinger: got us signed in, provided extra assistance.

Lyn Steinbrecher also took a crew up to Day Drive to complete erosion mat** installation."

** If you've wondered about that big swath of material that looks like the turf for an artificial ski run on the Land Trust's property above Day Drive (don't take the skis over there for a test run), it's to stabilize the soil along the course of the PUD's old road up to a decommissioned water tower. The water tower was removed in the summer of 2007. In the fall of 2007, the road was ripped and seeded. The erosion mat will stabilize the soil until plants take hold.


Excellent work. Everyone of you is a stud.