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The Colors of Touring

My daughter paints in oils. One of her paintings of a goat’s face looks realistic from a distance but is a swatch book or color when examined closely. “There are so many colors within color,” she has told me. I decide to practice observing like an artist on an early morning ski tour.

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We Want To Hear From You!

Hello enthusiasts. We would like to be more encompassing in our articles and pictures so we would love it if you could email us some of your pics and trip reports. Your trips don't have to be extreme for you to send us photos or reports. Whatever draws you outdoors, we want to hear about it!

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Alpine Trees

Chester Marler's writings about the places and natural history along the East Slope of the Cascades are refreshing because they are not about rushing through this domain but immersing yourself in it. Here Marler takes time to really smell the flowers--or rather the trees of the alpine and subalpine zones.

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Floral Impressionism

Some viewers take in the aesthetics rather than the science of flowers. For such viewers the interplay of light and color can evoke an emotional response. These photos work on that level and, even if they are out of focus, they're fun.

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Trapped - Marc Dilley Photo

We thought this photo taken by Marc Dilley, which he called 'Trapped,' was both beautiful and unusual in its depth. Knowing that Marc rarely just snaps photos like most of us, we suspected there was more to it than meets the eye. We asked him to describe how he created this image.

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Ancient Ice

In this essay excerpted from the book, East of the Divide, Chester Marler discusses how Pleistocene glaciers and glaciers that advanced during the Little Ice Age sculpted Mt Maude, Mt Fernow, and other mountains flanking the Entiat River Valley....
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Fall Colors - What Causes Them
The Wenatchee National Forest produced this informative article on why leaves change color in fall...and why colors are more brilliant some years than others....
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Foothills Trail - Video Slideshow

  If you've heard about the 'Foothills Trail' in the open lands flanking Wenatchee to the west, and wondered exactly what that was all about, this slideshow will explain it better....
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Bay Watch

This article by Tom Reese in The Seattle Times, discussing the Union Bay wetlands that are part of the 320-acre University of Washington Botanic Gardens, is thoughtful and nicely written. It might give you ideas for an outing during your next trip to Seattle. It also harkens to what makes our lifestyle so special throughout the Wenatchee Valley....
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Arrow-Leaf Balsamroot

/ClientFiles/5d519366-9c6e-4bf1-88da-9a5a13184e8a/balsamroot,-.jpgUnless you are new to North Central Washington, or have been living in a cave most of your life, you have likely heard of our wild sunflower, Balsamroot Balsamorhiza sagittata, arguably the most famous, widespread, and ecologically dominant regional wildflower.  A smaller and much less common species in the same genus, the Rock Balsamroot B. hookeri, occurs in the extreme southern ends of Chelan County ...